6 Beauty Secrets We Learned From Karisma Kapoor


It seems like Karisma Kapoor found the fountain of youth. The actress turns 46 today and still looks absolutely gorgeous, proving that age is just a number. So what’s her secret to looking so effortlessly flawless? Well, over the years, the actress has talked about her makeup and skin care rituals that have helped her get such enviable skin and lucky for you, we’ve rounded up her best tips that can make anyone look fab no matter their age, all it takes is just a bit of dedication and extra TLC for your skin. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water

This is an age-old beauty secret and Karisma stands by it. Her beauty mantra for glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and fluids as it keeps the skin hydrated & moisturised, giving her that gorgeous glow.

Siping on water or other nutrient-filled fluids throughout the day can clear out spots and give you healthy, glowing skin. Following this practice can also increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, combat a variety of skin issues, reduce your pore size, clear acne, and reduce blemishes. No wonder Karisma always looks so radiant even without makeup.

2. Always Use SPF

Applying sunscreen every day is a must for Karisma Kapoor. She’s stated in many interviews that women often make the mistake of forgetting to wear sunscreen which can lead to skin damage and it’s true.

Whether you’re sitting at home, going out for a walk or even if it’s a dull gloomy day, you should always feed your skin with SPF.

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3. Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

This one is a no brainer. When it comes to maintaining her youthful complexion, the actress stated that no matter how tired she is, she ALWAYS removes her makeup before going to bed and follows it by applying an oil-based serum and a face cream.

Why is it important to remove your makeup before going to sleep? Well, every night, while you sleep, the skin renews itself and leaving your makeup on can hinder this process. Makeup is made up of oily substances which clogs your pores and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, this, in turn, leads to acne or tired and dull skin.

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4. Follow A Good Skin Care Regimen

Karisma’s daily skin care do’s are to follow a good face cleansing and exfoliation regimen with a good face wash and scrub, always moisturise and follow a strict night-time skin care routine. The actress also stated that even though her skin keeps evolving, she's always stuck by her 3-step skin care routine which is cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. She’s also admitted to pampering her skin after a long week by indulging in a longer skin care regimen.

Looking for a way to treat your skin? Then you should try the 10 steps Korean skin care routine. This skincare routine will remove any stubborn residue or other impurities on your face and help you get healthy, beautiful skin.

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5. Oil-Based Serum

If you thought Karisma layers on a number of products before going to bed, you’re wrong. The actress swears she uses only limited products and one of them is an oil-based serum at night. 

Since your skin renews itself every night, a good serum creates a barrier and prevents external agents from settling on the skin.

6. Her Secret To Great Makeup-Free Selfies

Karisma states,“ You just need two things: great lighting and absolutely no filters.”

Now that the secret’s out, with a little dedication to your skin care routine, you too can get healthy, youthful skin just like Karisma and look gorgeous in every selfie. 

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