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A lot of brides are over the traditional wedding ceremonies in boring banquet halls. Case in point: Destination weddings! Whether it’s saying ‘I Do’ on sandy beaches or performing Pheras in a breathtaking palace, there’s no doubt that destination weddings have grown in popularity. Along with the distinctive venue choice, every bride is also letting her personality shine on the big day by choosing outfits and makeup looks that perfectly embodies who she is. Every bride is unique, with different likes, wants and interests, which means each of them has a different style too. 

If you are one of these urban Indian brides who lives by her own rules and doesn't follow what society dictates, then you're in luck. MyGlamm and AZA got together along with Global makeup expert Daniel Bauer to create unconventional bridal makeup look that are perfect for you. These looks will not only help you feel good but also bring out your glamorous side. After all, it’s your wedding day, so let your personality shine with the right bridal makeup. 

Indian Bride #1
The Bollywood Bride

The Bollywood bride’s love for all things filmy knows no bounds. She is someone who loves being the centre of attention, she always wants to be seen and she’s all about the drama just like in the movies. For this bridal makeup look, don’t be afraid to dial everything up. Go all out with the shimmer and bold colours.

The Look: Gold eyeshadow, black kajal, pink lipstick

-  Let your eyes do all the talking by using a lot of gold eyeshadow, a lot of shimmers and finish off with a classic black winged eyeliner. Next, tight line your eyes with black kajal to add that hint of drama.

-  For your lips, apply a bright pink lipstick to make the whole look a little attention-grabbing.

Indian Bride #2
The BOHO Bride

The Boho bride is someone who is free-spirited. She marches to the beat of her own drum, loves the outdoors and is fiercely independent. Sounds familiar? Well, if you are a boho bride, we’ve got just the bridal makeup look that will help bring out your care-free personality. You don't have to go makeup-free to be a boho bride. A nude makeup look with slight contouring, brown eyeshadow and mascara will do the trick.

The Look: Primer, light foundation, slight contouring, highlighter, blush, brown eyeshadow, black kajal, mascara. 

- For your bridal makeup look, simple and subtle is the way to go. After priming your face, keep your foundation light. Slight contouring, highlighter and a bit of blush are all you need to finish off this look.

- Keep your eyes the focus of attention by using a little brown shadow just to contour it. Add a smudge of brown liner on the top and bottom and to intensify the eye, add a black kajal on the waterline. You can finish the look with individual eyelashes and lots and lots of mascara. The lashes are important to make your eyes pop.

- Next, it’s time to tackle your brows. Since the rest of your makeup is subtle follow the same for your eyebrows as well. Keep them soft and just brush them out.

- Finish your look with a nude pink lipstick for a natural look.

Indian Bride #3
The Bindass Bride

The Bindass Bride is bold, beautiful and confident. She's too cool for school so a traditional bridal makeup look is definitely not her first choice. She’s a city girl who's edgy, confident, she does whatever she wants, when she wants. If you think you can fill these shoes then this bridal makeup is perfect for you. 

The Look: Deep red lipstick and lipgloss, brow powder

- This look is all about emphasizing your lips. A beautiful dark glossy lip is ideal for your kickass personality. To achieve this bridal makeup look you first need to outline the lips with a lip liner, fill it in with bold, strong lip colour and finish it off with a lip gloss.

- For the rest of your makeup, you can do a slight contour and define your brows

Indian Bride #4

The Bewitching Bride

The bewitching bride is super confident in her body. She commands all attention the moment she enters the room, she knows she’s hot, sexy, powerful and manages to turn heads wherever she goes. If this describes you perfectly then you can enchant everyone and bring out your seductive side with smouldering eyes.

The Look: Blue, black and pearl eyeshadow, black kajal, lipgloss, shimmery setting powder

- To create this sexy smouldering eye look use gradients of blue and black on your eyelids and add some pearl pigments on the corners of your eyes. Amp up your smokey eye look by smudging a little black kajal and black eyeliner.

- Since there is a lot going on with your eyes, you’ll want to keep your lips a little bit natural but still sensual. For this, you need to add gloss to make the lips look fuller.

- Sexy comes with a lot of shine so finish off your look with a setting spray that has a lot of shimmer powder.

Indian Bride #5

The Basic Bride

Contrary to popular belief, the basic bride is anything but boring. She’s classy, she’s elegant, she’s subtle and she knows she’s beautiful. If you fall under this category then a subtle monochromatic makeup look is what you need to go for. Staying in one colour family to highlight your features is sure to get everyone talking.

The Look: Brown eyeshadow, brown kajal, brown lipliner and lipstick. 

- Start by picking the colour and use shades in the same family. The brown shade is perfect if you’re going for that earthy subtle look.

- Begin by using shades of brown on your eyelids to get that soft smokey eye effect. Next, define your eyes with a brown kajal and smudge it using your makeup brush.
- Next, use a lip liner to define your lips and later fill them in with brown nude lipstick.

- You can complete your look with little contouring, blush and a gold highlighter.

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