5 Steps To Include In Your Winter Makeup Routine

As you put away your summer wardrobe, you might want to do the same for your foundation as well because the drop in temperature is likely to coincide with a drop in your skin moisture levels too. 

While you can cover the rest of your body in protective layers, your face remains exposed to the elements, so switching to a face foundation and a base makeup routine that takes care of dryness, dullness, dry patches, and flaking that accompanies 'Winter Face' is as essential as that cup of hot cocoa in the evenings. Everything, from your skin care regimen to your makeup products needs to change to battle the winter dryness so that you always look your best.

Here are some winter makeup tips indicating what you need to put on your to-do list ASAP:

Switch Your Foundation

It's time to retire your mattifying foundation before patsy becomes your nickname. Opt for one that has moisturizing benefits so your skin stays hydrated all day long.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Among all winter makeup tips, moisturising is top on the list. We couldn't be more emphatic if we tried. Pick a moisturiser that hugs your skin in the same way you hug your BFF. Moisturising your skin at night and a few minutes before you apply your foundation in the morning ensures that the moisture is locked in.

Time to Prime

Priming is an effective way to ensure that your makeup does not fade or budge through the day. For the winter months, pick the best face primer according to your skin type. You could also mix your primer with your favourite moisturizer and skip the foundation altogether.

Dampen Your Beauty Blender

While it's always advisable to work with a damp beauty blender, during winters, it's almost a must. Our makeup experts' advise at MyGlamm is to gently pat your foundation into the skin with the beauty blender instead of rubbing it in. 

Use A Toner

Before you moisturise your face, use a natural cotton pad soaked in a toner to remove any flaky skin. Use one without alcohol, so your skin does not dry out.

Revamp your routine by including the above, if you want to say goodbye to that dry, lifeless and patchy winter face forever.



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