The Most Common Mascara Mistakes You've Got To Stop Making


Mascara goop, clumpy or damaged lashes - if you're facing these mascara issues, then it's not the product, it's you!  Mascara is the magic wand that can lengthen your lashes, add more intensity to your eyes and complete your entire look but only if it is applied right. Unfortunately, since it is an unsung hero, not many know that there is a right and wrong way of applying mascara. Confused? Well, don't be. We've noted down the most common mascara mistakes and how you can solve them. 

1) Mistake: 1 Wand For All

If you thought your mascara wand will curl, lengthen and volumize your lashes then you’re expecting a bit too much. One wand cannot do everything, so you need to prioritize.

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What To Do: Use Different Mascara Wands

If you’re focused on volumizing and curling, first apply a coat of volumizing mascara and let it dry. Follow it with a curling mascara.  MyGlamm's new Twist It Mascara comes with an innovative wand that goes from straight to curvy with just one twist, helping you add volume, and curl your lashes with this one product.

2) Mistake: Coating Only The Bottom Part Of The Top Lashes

This is a common mascara mistake we’re all guilty of doing. While applying mascara, we tend to coat only the bottom part of our top lashes, which doesn’t give us the thick, voluminous lashes we want. Yes, they can be fuller!

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What To Do: First Top, Then The Bottom.

To get fuller lashes, every inch of your lashes should be covered. Coat the top side of your upper lashes first before moving on to the bottom. Doing the top first will ensure that your lashes don’t weigh down.

3) Mistake: Applying Mascara First, Then Curling

If you do this, then you need to stop right NOW! Curling your lashes after applying mascara is a big NO-NO unless you want to lose your lashes.

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What To Do: Curl & Then Apply

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara to avoid breakage.

4) Mistake: Skipping Concealer

If you were wondering how to apply mascara without getting it on your lid, well, concealer is what you are missing. After applying mascara, it can move and leave black marks around your lids.

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What To Do: Always Use Concealer 

Use a primer or concealer around your lids to avoid smudging. If you do get mascara around your lids (which is totally normal) just use a Q-Tip to remove it.

5) Mistake: Not Wiping Off The Excess Product

Ever wondered why you always get those annoying pesky smudges on the inner corners of your eyes? Well, it’s because you didn’t remove the excess. You can follow all the steps, but that little excess goop can ruin all your hard work.

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What To Do: Wipe It Off 

Wiping the edge on a paper towel before applying can help you avoid any smudges and help you get those enviable lashes with no falsies. 

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