5 Excuses Kids Give For Not Cleaning Up

Every mother has faced tantrums and tears from her kids when it comes to grooming. Every child has that one thing they don’t like – be it cutting their nails or getting their scalp checked. MyGlamm lists some of the common excuses we hear.

“I’ll get hurt.”

Seriously? It’s a massage! You’re supposed to relax!



“I’ll drown while having a bath.”

Listen kiddo, no one drowns in showers, ever.

oh really


“I’m too tired.”

All you have to do is sit. We’re the ones bending down to sift through your hair for dandruff.

eye roll


“Lice are ewww!”

But they’re on your head, and unless you let us, we can’t remove them.



“I don’t like being clean!”

Trust me kid, you don’t like being dirty either.


We love our kids, but sometimes they just drive us mad, don’t they? How many of these excuses have you heard?

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