5 beauty tips for women in their 40s


Ah, the glorious 40s! Somebody rightly said that life begins at 40s. Women in their 40s are confident, and after four decades, know their body well. But keeping yourself healthy and beautiful in your 40s takes work. You must level up from the basics. By now a 40s woman knows what lipstick works for her and how to hide the dark circles, if any. Embrace the changes in your skin and body and find time to understand what suits you best.

So here are some beauty tips to keep thyself lovely at 40.

The right skincare
Build a skincare regimen and stick to it as your skin needs nourishment and moisturisation more than ever to maintain suppleness. Moisturisation is the key to soft and supple and healthy skin in your 40s. Moisturise it well and you can keep those laugh lines and crow feet at bay. Start using eye cream and night cream along with your regular skincare products. Your skin will stay as young as it was back in your 30s or even 20s and you will thank us for this.

The right makeup
The right makeup is the key to continue looking young and stunning. As we age, the skin tends to get drier. That is why we emphasize on moisturisation. Go for dewy makeup as it will give your skin a polished and supple look. Swap powder products for creamy products, like foundation, concealers and colour correctors that will not dry out the skin. Use a good quality skin primer to even out the skin’s surface and avoid makeup from settling in the lines. For your eyes, avoid the glitter and shimmery shades and opt for matte shades instead that will complement your eye colour.

Conceal and correct
As you enter in your 40s and move ahead, you have a newfound respect for the concealers and colour correctors. The perfect mates to your foundation, right from dark circles to under eye bags, blemishes and marks, they can hide it all efficiently. Invest in the right concealers and correctors for your skin tone and type. Yellow and orange correctors are best for Indian skin tone which has yellow and olive undertone mostly.

See: Total Makeover FF Cream with yellow and orange correctors

Ours and Kim K’s fav weapon for getting a sculpted face- contouring. So much has been said and written about this that we just have to try.  About time you checked if it works- the contouring. When done right, it creates an illusion of depth in the face, which in turn emphasises the lighter areas and creates a youthful look. Watch the tutorials, try it out and start using it in real life to look good.

See: Chisel It Contouring Palette

Lush lashes and brows
You must continue paying attention to your eyebrows and eye lashes in your 40s as these babies play an important role when it comes to looking good. By now you truly understand what difference does mascara can make.  Wear lengthening and volumizing mascara to make eyes look more awake and to add a touch of sexy youthfulness immediately. Do not over-pluck the brows and fill them in with brow powder. It will also hide the greys.

See: Stay Defined HD Brow Powder


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