5 Beauty Tips Every Girl In Her 20s Must Know


Girls, if you are in your 20s, early or late, you know that these years are the most fun time of your life. It is a period of late nights and early mornings, of finding a footing in the world while spending time with friends. It’s the decade when you can get away with being not quite grown up but not a child. It’s also a time when your body is at its peak, in its best form, and you must not hesitate to flaunt your assets. We bring your some seriously useful makeup and beauty tips for girls in their 20s and beyond.

Cat eyeliner
Cat or winged eyeliner can take your appearance to the next level in an instant. It needs a little practice to get your hand steady, but its worth the effort. Perfect your moves while trying your hand at all kinds of flicks with the eyeliner, from sharp to soft to catty and dramatic. And guess what, it goes well with all kinds of looks be it western, Indian or even fusion.

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Smoky eyes
Just like the little black dress, smoky eye is timeless and sexy. Hail the person who invented this trend! The sultry, shadowy look works for almost everyone and is not very hard to achieve. What makes it a complete hit is the fact it can be worn at all occasions with a little tweak here and there. So, girlies, watch a few tutorials and get your smoky eye game on point.

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Wearing falsies or faux lashes
You have seen Barbie look gorgeous with her luscious long lashes, and now it’s time to experience them for yourself. Falsies can do wonders for your look and 20s are the right time to get your hands on them. Start with natural-looking faux or false lashes and then you can move on to bolder ones. They help to open up your eyes and change up your appearance for better. Try them on and flutter away.

Pop of colour
Add a pop of colour to your look by opting for bold colour on your eyes, lips or even blush. Have fun with colours, go for pop lips or neon nails or coloured eyeliner that will enliven the look immediately. Or if you are feeling too experimental, you can even go for bold brows and eyelashes! Colours are your best friend if used correctly.

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Wild manicure
Now that you have learned to thrive with long nails, it’s time to take the next step. Treat yourself to a memorable manicure and experiment with different kinds of nail art; from acrylic extensions to 3D embellishments and funky or beautiful patterns, there is no dearth of ideas on Instagram. Go ahead, find your thing and decorate those talons.

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