4 Not-So-Basic Ways To Apply Blush


Nothing beats the gorgeous appeal of elevating your makeup routine with an A+ blush game. From imparting that just-right flush to instantly giving your face a lively glow, the tried-and-tested beauty trick does have its fair share of scene-stealing factors. But then, why not take it up a notch with something that's bolder and better? Adding on to the failsafe tips there are, we rounded up for you our 4 favourite blush trends that are bound to become preferred hacks. Go on, get your blush on!

Orange Blush

Sun-kissed skin is no longer a trending topic, now it’s all about sunset skin. People are opting for bold orange shades over rosy pink cheeks. This look leaves you with a soft sunset glow. But beware, if it’s done wrong, it might have an opposite effect than desired. 

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The Drunk Blush Look

As interesting as this trend sounds, it has nothing to do with applying it while inebriated. This trend works best with minimal makeup. So that means keeping your heavy eye makeup and bold lipstick at bay. To perfect this look, you need to apply the blush on your cheeks and over your nose. This will give you an almost burnt look like you just frolicked in the summer sun. 

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Blush Bomb

The 80s’ are back and better than ever. The blush bomb trend involves adding a splash of colour that goes from your cheeks all the way up to your temples. If you think you were born in the wrong era, then here’s your chance to embrace the past.

Watercolour Blush 

This look instantly leaves you with a youthful flush. The technique to rock this trend is to apply it not only on your cheekbones but on your eyelids as well. Don't get this trend confused with draping though; watercolour blush is all about layering different shades while draping veers towards sculpting. In order to perfect this look, you need to first apply the lighter shades before adding on the darker tones. 

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Momoko Makeup

Leave it to Japan to come up with the craziest trends. This one involves applying a bright pink shade, very high on your cheekbones, almost right under your eyes. As crazy as it sounds it does give you that natural rosy glow. All you need is pink eyeshadow and lipstick and voila! You’re done! 

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Go on, and blush away.

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