3 Golden Makeup Rules For Dusky Girls


In a culture once dominated by the notion that fair is beautiful, there are a few Indian bloggers redefining the term beauty, in turn, encouraging other dusky girls out there to feel confident in their own skin. Shivani Trehan is one of these bloggers. Shivani first stepped into the blogging world with @social_cravings which revolved around food and fitness. But not too long later, she realized that people were also interested in her personal style. That’s what motivated her to dive into the beauty and fashion field as well, proving that dusky is beautiful too! Today, Social Cravings is all about “Everything you socially crave for” whether it's food, beauty, fitness or fashion.  

With over 31k followers on Instagram, we're sure you're pretty curious about this self-taught blogger's beauty regime and her secrets to achieving her flawless look! Well, you're in luck! Shivani revealed her 3 golden makeup rules which you need to add in your makeup routine ASAP!

Rule #1

Always get the right base! Shivani stresses how important it is for dusky women to get a shade that is a perfect match to their skin tone. Primers act as the base for your makeup so it’s important to get a colour closer to your skin shade. The same rule applies to your foundation. If you are of a darker shade you can’t opt for light tones and vice versa.

Trehan is also a big fan of primers. 

“Don’t forget to prime first!", she insists, "It's super important for flawless and smooth makeup application. Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to find a base to match your skin tone. There are several options, choices and a huge range of foundations to select from. Plus, people are very helpful in the stores as well, and you can even find quite accurate descriptions online.”

To get a smooth base go for MyGlamm's Total Makeover FF Cream which comes in 5 different shades. The Dusky shade is perfect for those with deep complexions. Don't be fooled by its size! This little palette comes with a primer, concealer, foundation, and 2 colour correctors.

Rule #2


If you thought concealers don’t need to have a place in your makeup routine, then you are highly mistaken. 

“Get an even skin tone across the face by using a colour corrector and concealer, ” says Trehan. 

If you have medium to dusky skin tone, concealers and correctors can go a long way. They help hide blemishes and also neutralize redness, darkness, and other problem areas.

MyGlamm's Total Makeover FF Cream- Honey, is perfect to conceal your dark circles, bags and to also even out your skin tone with the colour correctors.

Rule #3


Highlighters can elevate your look instantly. A good bronzer and highlighter can instantly brighten up your face and give you that sun-kissed glow.

“I would say highlight your features first using a deep contour and then use a good highlighter to get that glow!" says the dusky beauty, "Try using the MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid, mix it up with your foundation and see the magic it creates.”


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