3 Beauty DIYs You Need To Know

DIY hacks to make beauty easier, because life is hard enough as it is.

Red lipstick as concealer- Yes, you read it right. That ruby red isn’t only restricted to nights out partying.

Use a brush to dab a tiny amount of red lipstick on your dark circles. Just a bit, you want a slight tint under your eyes, not a bright red! Blend this with a regular concealer and see how evenly those bags are covered up.

You could also just use red colour correcting concealer, but we’re all for multitasking, aren’t we?

red lipstick

Tape for the perfect winged eyeliner- Instead of spending 15 minutes every morning trying to match one winged eye with the other, grab some cello tape. Stick it and peel it off your hand first so that it loses some of the adhesive.

Stick the tape onto your skin near your eyes, following the path you want the winged eyeliner to take. Make sure the tape is stuck at the same angle on both eyes.

Use the tape as a ruler to draw your perfect winged eye.

Remove it when done.

Ta-da! Flawless winged eyeliner in less than half the usual time.


Green tea for smooth lips- If you wanted more proof that green tea is a super food, we’ve got it. Sometimes chapped lips just don’t heal, no matter how much lip balm we slather on. And chapped lips aren’t really the best base for lipstick. Want to get rid of them? Here’s how.

Dip a bag of green tea in warm water, squeeze it dry and press it against your lips for 5 minutes to watch those lines disappear.

green tea

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