#POPxoReviews: My PM Skincare Routine Just Got An Upgrade Thanks To This Sleeping Mask


When it comes to our skincare regimen, there’s no step perhaps more indulgent than slathering on a face mask. That said, a sleeping mask that lets our skin chill while we snooze is our latest skincare obsession. NGL, overnight sleeping masks are a great way to bolt on the active ingredients our skin desperately needs. 

So whether you wish to boost a dull, lackluster complexion or lift and firm your skin, I'm here to give you a complete lowdown on my favourite pick that goes the extra mile to do the hard work for my skin. Want to wake up to brighter, more hydrated skin that has a halo of its own? keep scrolling to know the deets about the heart-stoppingly great formula I love and salivate over aka Myglamm hydrating sleeping mask with water bank technology.

Trust me, it's a beauty sleep for your skin, literally!

What Is It?

Calling out folks with dry, thirsty-ass skin: You are legit going to fall in love with this skin-refreshing sleeping mask. It’s packed with skin-refining ingredients and heavy-duty hydrators such as hyaluronic acid, green algae and seaweed extracts that will give your skin a hard hit of hydration. This innovative formula with water Bank Technology is like a tall drink of water for all skin types and will give you plump, hydrated skin while you snooze.

Why Do We Love It?

The first time I used this sleeping face mask from Myglamm I was legit shocked by how good the results were. We're big fans of lust-worthy ingredients that give best bang-for-your-buck results and this sleeping mask is hands-down the most effective one out there. It feels 10 times more expensive than its actual price and is a miracle worker for those with parched-AF and sensitive skin. The creamy overnight formula ensures you wake up to ultra-dewy, celeb-like skin.


Texture - 10/10

Packaging - 9/10

Formula - 9/10

How To Use It?

Incorporate this sleeping mask into your p.m. skincare routine and use it as the last step once you’re done with your cleanser and toner. Use a scoop of the sleeping mask and gently apply (do not rub) the mask all over your face and neck and leave on through the night. I recommend using it every night for the best results. This will give you ridiculously soft, smooth skin come morning.

What Does The Product Look Like?

Add this to your cart to get a celeb-esque complexion.

Images: Author's Own