Beauty Secrets That Katrina Kaif Swears By For Glowing Skin & Gorgeous Hair


Hey, we need to talk about Katrina Kaif, an impossibly stunning actress with smooth skin and the most enviable glossy locks you’ve ever seen. The one and only trendsetting queen of the big screen has been slaying roles, and our hearts, for longer than a decade. Her signature makeup looks with bold brows, defined eyes, and nude lips are downright classic. And if there’s one thing we’re obsessed with at the moment, it’s finding out how exactly she nails that effortless dewy skin and shiny hair every time she posts a no-makeup selfie. 

So, on account of Katrina’s birthday, we dug into her beauty regimen. From snaps she shared on Instagram to gems she dropped in interviews- we’ve pieced together her best-kept beauty secrets. Keep scrolling through for her go-to glow hack, good-skin tips, and guilty-pleasure beauty practices she swears by for gorgeous skin and hair.

Katrina's Beauty Tips For Hair & Skin

For Lit From Within Glow: Exercise

Exercise helps in improving blood circulation by revving up the heart rate, which in turn helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin. There, promoting cell turnover and collagen production, leaving the skin luminous and healthy. Katrina loves her workout and believes that it’s key to keep her skin and mood at par. Exercise keeps her happy, upbeat, and energetic while giving her skin an unmatched glow.

Facial Workout For Lifted Skin

While we witnessed a number of celebrities raving about skincare tools such as gua sha and jade rollers, but Kaif likes to stick to simple traditional practices. Want to know the secret behind her taut, lifted skin? It's Eva Fraser's facial workouts. The best bits? All you need is a mirror and a little bit of patience to hop on the bandwagon. From improving collagen creation to reducing fine lines and giving her face a lift - the age-old skincare practice does it all for her. 

Blending Is Key To Ace The Base

According to Kaif, blending is key to make your base look more natural, seamless, and more like a second skin. The actor doesn’t shy away from using her fingers to blend because using the heat of the fingers can actually help blend and press makeup into the skin better. 

Smudge Your Kajal For Defined Eyes

Here’s a makeup product that Kaif has always loved: It’s kajal. Her all-time favourite makeup hack is applying kajal on the eyelids close to her lash line, then she uses a thin, flat brush to tab into a pot of black eyeshadow. Next, she presses the brush on top of her kajal line to smoke it out. This helps give an incredible depth to her eyes and make them look more soft and open. To take it up a notch, repeat the process for the lower lash line as well.

Ditch The Makeup Rules

Katrina is a major advocate of playing with makeup, rather than sticking to traditional rules of makeup. She believes that it’s crucial to experiment with your makeup in order to find what works best for you and your face structure. 

For Luscious Locks

Kaif makes sure she takes the right dose of protein and iron supplements to keep her hair strong and shiny. She also gets it trimmed every month to steer clear of split ends. Apart from that, the beauty goddess uses a heat protectant, serum before heat styling her hair and she never steps out of the house without a leave-in conditioner. Kaif loves to massage her scalp and style her tresses using a paddle brush.

Folks, Take note of these genius beauty hacks ASAP!

Featured Image: Instagram