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The Ultimate Guide On How To Layer Your Skincare Products Correctly


It's 2021, and there are 21 new steps added to the skincare game. Okay, I might slightly be exaggerating. But seriously though, many new skincare tactics have placed themselves in today's skincare market to match today's needs. Although we absolutely love adding new gadgets and gizmos to amp up our skincare game, sometimes it gets hard to keep up with new trends. Here is an all-inclusive list of skincare steps, and the correct order of applying them. 

The Importance Of The Skincare Order

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Everybody keeps on emphasising the importance of applying your skincare products in the right order. Ever wondered why so? That is because different consistencies and functions of your skincare products can make or break your skin's health. While applying products after cleansing, the correct order begins with lighter consistencies for better penetration, followed up with creams and lotions with a thicker consistency. 

For example, if you apply a sleeping mask before your serum, your skin will not reap any benefits of the serum as your skin is already masked with another skincare. At times these mistakes can also lead. to the malfunctioning of your routine and can cause complexion or texture issues. Be careful with the sequence of your application and note the following tips. 

Daytime Skin Care Routine

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We are going to cover all the steps one might include in their skincare routine. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to do all of them. Pick and choose what your skin likes, and place them in the correct order. A daytime skincare routine should include a balanced ratio of care and protection. The order goes like this:

1. Cleansing: You won't have to double cleanse here if you followed your nighttime skincare routine. This step includes a mild cleanser to wash off last night's skincare and wake your skin up. 

2. Toning: Always apply toner to take off any skincare or makeup residue. 

3. Essence: Lighter than a serum, the essence is an optional step in your daytime skincare routine. If you have dry or dull skin, you can try a hydrating essence. 

4. Serum: This step can include whatever serum targets your skincare concerns - from vitamin C for a bright complexion, to hyaluronic acid for hydration. 


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5. Eye Cream: More popular in nighttime routines, eye creams should ideally be applied twice a day for best results. You can opt for an eye cream that delivers a matte texture if you're concerned about your concealer application.

6. Spot Treatment: This step is also more popular in the nighttime routine. But hey, you have a wedding to go to in two days and a zit left a huge mark on your forehead. You're just trying to do your best here.

6. Moisturiser: The most, and I can't emphasize enough - important step in any skincare or makeup routine. There are many factors like pollution, weather, makeup, stress that take away your skin's health day by day. Using a moisturizer helps to lock in moisture and restore youthfulness and plumpness in your skin. If you think having oily or acne-prone skin can excuse you from this step, you are wrong. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer or gel, or even a dermatologist-recommended product but do not skip this step. Moisturizing also helps your makeup turn out better. 


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7. Facial Oil: Another skippable step if you don't want a dewy or oily effect on your makeup. But using a facial oil is great for individuals who have extremely dry skin or sit in the AC for long hours. 

8. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is another very important part of a daytime skincare routine. No matter if you're going to stay indoors or if you're going out on a cloudy day, never skip sunscreen. 

Nighttime Skin Care Routine

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A nighttime skincare routine is more intense on care and nourishment. Naturally, it includes a couple more steps:

1. Makeup Remover: Double cleansing is your best friend in a nighttime skincare routine. It helps eliminate waterproof makeup, excess oil build-up, and the dirt accumulated on your skin throughout the day, superficially. It makes the job of a cleanser easier and decreases the probability of clogged pores. Available in oil, balm, and water consistencies, you can take a pick. 

2. Cleanser: An obvious requirement at the end of the day, your nighttime skincare cleanser should be able to perform a deeper cleansing compared to your daytime facial cleanser. 

3. Exfoliator: Light exfoliation can help you in getting rid of huge blackheads or clogged pores that are evidently visible on your face. Do not overdo it, or make harsher movements while exfoliating as it can cause damage to your skin. 


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4. Toner: Use a toner to wipe off any makeup or dirt residue on your skin. Toning also helps in evening out your complexion. 

5. Essence: Essence is lighter than serum and penetrates deeper into the skin for immediate action. Use it before your serum, and after toner. 

6. Serum: In your nighttime routine, your serum selection can have exfoliating acids like retinol in them. These are skincare super ingredients that are not safe to use under the sun. Hence, they make a home in nighttime skincare routines. 

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7. Sheet Mask: Sheet masking is more for pampering than for skin. However, if you are a sheet mask addict, this is the step in skincare you introduce it to. 

8. Eye Cream: Use a nourishing under-eye cream to take care of your eyes after a day of staring at computer and phone screens. 

9. Spot Treatment: Your office peeps or friends are not going to see you now. Slap that spot treatment on like there is no tomorrow. 


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10. Moisturiser: And yet again, a very important step - moisturizing. Can't miss it!

11. Face Oil: Another skippable step if you are not up for it, but using face oil does a great job at keeping your skin moisturized for long hours. 

12. Facial Massage: This step includes facial massagers like a jade roller or gua sha. You can use these techniques even after applying serums or over a sheet mask. It massages your facial muscles, relaxes them, and helps products penetrate better. 

13. Sleeping Mask: A sleeping mask is another new thing that is driving all skincare fanatics crazy (in a good way). Its heavy consistency locks in the goodness of all your skincare products, and helps replenish and restore moisture for a plump effect. 

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