Budget Buys: Beauty Tools To Use For An At-Home Pamper Sesh That Are Under Rs 1000


Although it's easier said than done, don't get carried away with what you see on the internet. Skincare does not always have to be uber-expensive to be effective. The gold-infused micro needling face tool that you saw on that influencer's video will work almost as well as a stainless steel one. While there is certainly some splurging that seems unavoidable, we are going to take all the affordable choices we can get (the ones that actually work, obviously). 

Add These Affordable Tools To Your Beauty Routine

Calm down! We are not a genie and unfortunately cannot get you an LED facial mask under Rs. 1000. But what we can do, is get your at-home skincare station decked up for an indulging skincare session with items that cost either Rs. 1000 or under! If we still have your attention, keep reading. 

Blackheads - Head Out!

Obviously, a blackhead remover is the first thing on our list. Extremely easy to use (and grossly satisfying), this blackhead extracted tool can help squeeze out gunk from your pores, especially the huge ones shining on the top of your nose. Recommended to be used with light pressure, these little magical wands are a must-buy. 

Roll Your Wasteful Splurges Away

If you don't have a jade roller in your vanity in 2021, then what are you even doing? Jade rollers not only offer a lymphatic massage on your face that drains out accumulated toxins in your facial system, but can also help in an easier, cleaner, and more efficient application of your skincare products as well. 

Deep Cleanse Solution

This 4-in-1 facial cleansing and massaging set by Babila is a steal deal. With 4 different attachments which cleanse, exfoliate, massage and treat, this travel-friendly product can help you achieve an extensive skincare regime with one buy. 

Get On This Hot Trend

So you can't twin with Kourtney Kardashian with her LED face masks, this derma roller will help you get there. Derma rollers with stimulating titanium needles help your skin in fading the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. 

Relax Them Eyes, Girl

A very extra addition to your vanity, this eye massager tool is a travel-friendly, compact-sized eye massager that gently massages your under-eye area to offer you relaxation. After a long day of working on the screen, pair it with your favourite eye cream and this tool can help you give a mini spa for the eyes. 

Mighty Massager

Are you not drooling over this beautiful kansa massager? Because we totally are! Get this facial massager that is strictly under your budget and relax with its soothing massaging motion (and with all the money you'll be saving!).

Did you like something for your skincare vanity? Put it in your cart because you're practically saving money on these skincare investments. 

Features Image: Pexels