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The Best Makeup Brushes That'll Take Your Beauty Look From Drab To Fab!


When we think about updating our beauty products, lipsticks, face palettes and foundations take top priority. But today we are here to drive your attention to an underrated but rather important tool - good quality makeup brushes. While the formula and quality of your product is a priority, it's your makeup brushes that determine the application of these products on your skin. If your makeup brushes are old and weary, even the best foundation or blush can fall flat. So without further ado, check out our list of the best makeup brushes to add to your vanity. 

Best Makeup Brush Sets

We would hate for you to rattle through the internet searching for the best quality makeup brushes. From some of the top-rated makeup brush sets and kits to professional makeup brush sets, we have short-listed a few for you: 

Allure Set of 15 Rose Gold Brushes

If you want to add a professional touch to your everyday makeup, this brush set is the one for you. A set of 15 brushes, this beauty buy can help you learn and perfect your makeup techniques.

VEGA Set Of 20 Brushes

For those looking for a top-quality professional makeup brush set, this one by Vega is your best bet. It comes with 20 brushes so you can perfect every little step of your makeup routine.

Rozia Makeup Brushes

If you’re on a lookout for some affordable makeup brushes, you can opt for this one. Including the best makeup brushes for beginners, this set can help you while you’re still on the learning curve.

Bella Hararo Professional 32 Pcs Wooden Make Up Brushes Set

Looking for good-quality makeup brushes that can fulfill your daily makeup needs? Try getting your hands on this set. With a total of 24 makeup brushes, this affordable buy can help you experiment with your makeup looks before you splurge on a professional set. 

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set

You can’t resist this cute makeup brush set by Real Techniques. Packed with 4 essential makeup brushes, this is a travel-friendly kit, perfect for your airport makeup touch-ups.

Kaiv Make-Up Brushes

Another entry in the list of best makeup brushes for beginners, this kit by Kaiv is a less intense pack of only 9 most-used brushes. 

Sigma Beauty Brush Cup

Packed in a hot pink and glittery round box, this set of makeup brushes is travel-friendly, and suitable for that makeup junkie who cannot live on just four brushes, but needs their entourage with them wherever they go. 

Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Set

One for the eyes! This makeup brush set includes eye brushes that can be used for applying eyeshadow, blending it, or for perfecting that cat-eye look. 

Best Makeup Brush

Finding the best makeup brush? Well, there's a specific brush for every need and it is easy to get overwhelmed with the choices and options available. In the list below, we mention some of the most important makeup brushes every beauty enthusiast needs in their vanity. 

The Body Shop Fresh Foundation Brush

A foundation brush is a flat-headed brush with medium-sized bristles that are tightly bunched together with a sturdy hold. This gives your foundation a non-streaky, and even finish. This foundation brush by The Body Shop is one of the best makeup brushes for beginners. 

Allure Powder Brush

Setting your makeup base after applying foundation and concealer is crucial for long-lasting and smudge-free makeup. Use this powder brush by Allure with ultra-soft, long, and round bound bristles. 

LA Girl Blush Brush

A blush brush has a round and soft head for a natural blush application. These brushes have small to long bristles loosely packed together and offer a subtle product transfer. This blush brush by LA Girl is a basic one that every girl should have. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush

While you’ll find two kinds of highlighting brushes in the market, the trend has moved on to this type of tapered brush. Without wasting any product, this brush by Anastasia Beverly Hills picks up enough product and makes those cheek bones pop!

More On Makeup Brushes

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This Is How Often You Need To Replace Your Makeup Brushes: Even if you have the best professional makeup brushes, there comes a time when you need to replace them. Here are some pointers that you need to look out for that indicate your makeup brushes need a change. 

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Now that you have this abundance of knowledge about makeup brushes and sources to get the best ones, update your makeup routine with the best makeup brushes. 

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