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6 Facial Exercises For A Sharper Jawline & Sculpted Cheekbones


Being stuck indoors for more than a year now, chances are, you’ve tried giving yourself a salon-level facial at home. TBH, we don’t think twice before slathering on skincare products but have you ever tried giving your face a workout? While we all are bombarded with #beforeafter summer shred challenges on Instagram. Unfortunately, it turns out that working out might just be the key to a more lifted, tightened, and toned face. To stay ahead of the curve, we took upon the mission to scout the fool-proof exercises you can try to sculpt and tone your face at home. From sculpted cheekbones to plumper lips and sharper jawline - these facial exercises are game-changers. 

If you really want to reap the benefits of quarantine, keep scrolling through to know the moves.


The Best Facial Exercises For Sharper Jawline & Sculpted Cheekbones

To Diminish Double Chin

Want to diminish a double chin? Try this contouring facial exercise. Rest your tongue against your teeth and press the underside of your chin with a fist. Repeat this for 20 seconds. Next, rest the under area of your jawline onto your hand,  the entire weight should be on the hand and start for work from one side to the other in sweeping motions. Do the rubbing for around 30-40 seconds.


The Nose-Reshaping Exercise

Looking to give your nose a slimmer effect? Your search ends here as we have scouted just the right workout for you. We have quite a few muscles under and on the sides of the nose. The right exercises can actually lift the tip of the nose helping it appear slimmer. For best results, pair this exercise with the ones for lifting cheekbones for about 3 weeks as if you are working on lifting and toning your cheeks, it will help your nose will appear slimmer.


For Sculpted Cheekbones

The key to nailing model-esque cheeks isn’t what you think. The intense Instagram-face contouring has been replaced with au natural facial exercises. Locate your cheekbones, you’ll find it under the bottom edge of your cheeks. Use your thumb to trace your cheekbones, starting from the nose to the temples. Do 4-5 reps of either side. Next, Drop your face wight on your thumbs and hold for 20-30 seconds


For A Razor Sharp Jawline

One secret to a more youthful-looking face is a chiselled jawline. Having a strong jawline makes our face look more defined and slimmer. So here is our favourite move to lift and contour lower face at home - kick it off with cult-favourite Jawline Sweeps. Repeat this motion for around 30 seconds One thing you should always remember is that it will only work and give long-term results when combined with posture exercise.


For Plump, Fuller Lips

Lip filler with an exercise? Yes? You can start this by lubricating your lips with a cream, lipstick, or oil. Put your index fingers on the area under your nose, right at the border of your lips. Pull your fingers in different directions while gently pressing the lips and wait for 15 seconds. Next, use your index finger to trace your lips from the middle to the sides, strongly and tightly. Repeat the same process for the lower lip and do 5-6 reps each on either side.

To Keep Puffiness At Bay

Here’s a quick fix to de-puff your morning face. This exercise also gives life to the face by giving it a boost of radiance. By doing this exercise, we target the lymphatic system and start the natural processes of the body. First, make forks with the index and middle fingers. With these forks work the ears, put your fingers tightly to hold the face, and start from the bottom up to work your fingers. Repeat this 15-20 times.

Are you ready to come out of quarantine with a Kardashian-approved jawline?

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