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Easy-Peasy Ways To De-puff Your Face If You Didn't Get Any Beauty Sleep Last Night


We've all been there- waking up with a puffy face because we chose to binge-watch a show on Netflix over our beauty sleep. Yup, clicking on the 'next episode' wasn't such a great idea, was it? Not sleeping well, being dehydrated and rising cortisol levels (stress hormone) could be some of the reasons that you're waking up with a puffy face. 

The silver lining? We've got some beauty hacks up our sleeve that will help you de-puff your face easily at home.

Here Are Some Super Easy Ways To De-Puff Face

Wash Your Face With Cold Water

The easiest way to de-puff any swelling on your face is to splash cold water like they do in commercials. If possible, try use ice-cold water or a cube of ice.

It'll not only de-puff your face in a matter of few minutes but will also add a rosy glow to your completion. Double win, eh?

Reach Out For A Beauty Tool

Facial tools such as jade rollers and gua sha are all the rage in the beautyverse currently. Just watch any skincare tutorials of celebs and you'll see them raving about these miracle workers.

Rolling a facial tool over your face will stimulate lymphatic drainage which means that the excess liquid will be drained through the lymph nodes. Just remember that all facial tools are to be used differently and it's better to research them before using them.

Another easy-peasy way is to invest in an ice roller or globe. All you gotta do is keep them rollin', rolling, rolling' and puffiness shall leave your face! Or you can place two spoons in a freezer for 2-3 minutes and then use it to gently massage your face.

Skincare It Up

If you have got some extra time on your hands, then here's what you can do. Take a sheet mask, throw it in a fridge for about 5 minutes, and then slap it across your face after cleansing and toning. Doing this will not only feel absolutely invigorating but it'll de-puff your face instantly while injecting a cocktail of serums into your skin.

If you want to de-puff only the under-eye area, then do the same with collagen eye patches. Trust us, they work great!

Invest In A Caffeine- Infused Under Eye Cream

Because the skin under our eyes is so thin, the puffiness looks so prominent around that area. Caffeine is a great product to keep puffiness in check. Invest in an undereye cream that has caffeine as its hero ingredient and make you apply a generous layer before dozing off!

Facial Yoga

Doing facial yoga is a great way to enhance your cheekbones but did you know that it can also help tone down the puffiness on your face?

Here's one you can try every morning:

- Apply a few drops of any facial oil and start massaging your jawline gently; close your hands with thumbs sticking out. Place the thumbs below your chin and the fist should be close to your mouth. Press gently for a few seconds and then shift a little. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

- Keeping the hands in the same position, use the knuckles to gently massage your cheeks. First, massage them from bottom to top for 2 minutes and then in a circular motion. Make sure you are always gentle while doing this.

- Next, open your hands and press the tips very gently on the under-eye area and then shift. Since the skin is supersensitive, make the pressure is as soft as a cotton ball.

Here is a simple video you can watch on how to de-puff your face in a minute by doing facial yoga.

Make sure you sleep well tonight and go, drink that water!

Featured Image: Pexels.com


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