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A Simple PM Skincare Routine Is The Key To Great Skin, Here's Why


Figuring out what kind of skincare regimen works best can be tricky business.  It's only normal to feel the urge to add more steps to your basic CTM routine. When it comes to night time or PM skincare routines though, getting them right often requires a little trial and error. And yes, your PM routine should vary from your day time skincare routine. Wondering why? Allow us to shed some light on it!

The Importance Of Your Nightime Skincare Routine

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There's a kernel of truth to this whole concept of beauty sleep and resting. During the night, when we're busy dreaming, our skin is busy repairing itself. But we bet you already knew that. Here are a few more reasons why your PM skincare routine is far superior to your AM routine.

  • Your products absorb better during the night, thus making your skin look glowy and plump in the morning.
  • You can layer your products without worrying about feeling sweaty and sticky through the day. 
  • Since the sun isn't shining bright, there's no chance of sunrays messing with your skin. This means you can safely use products that are designed to treat & target your 'core' skincare issues. Most active ingredients are safe to use in the PM. 
  • No environmental factors, such as pollution, dust and humidity can affect your skin.
  • Your skin is busy repairing itself and actively growing new cells when you're sleeping.

Just remember one thing - your day time skincare routine should focus on protecting your skin while the nighttime regimen should focus on restoring and rejuvenating. 

A Simple Nightime Routine For Beginners

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Now that we know why following a nighttime skincare ritual can be the best gift for your skin, here's a simple but effective routine for beginners.


Start your nighttime routine by washing your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser. This is probably the simplest but most important step in your routine. It will give you a clean canvas to start with. And you know what they say, clean skin = happy skin. If you use makeup, sunscreen or any other products during the day, make sure you double cleanse at night. This will ensure that your skin is squeaky clean. 


After washing your face, you want to ensure your pH balance is back on track. So don't forget to tone it up! Choose an alcohol-free toner that is infused with skincare loving properties that can help maintain your skin's natural barrier. Just pour a few drops on a cotton pad (or your palms) and dab it into your skin.

If you have dry skin, pick a hydrating toner. If you have normal-combination skin, pick a toner with active ingredients in it.


Yur skin repairs at night, this is the best time to 'feed' it with great ingredients. If you wish to wake up with gorgeous skin that feels (and looks) youthful, then make sure you use a facial serum. It penetrates into your skin quicker and deeper than your moisturiser will and delivers a punch of hydration and actives deep into your epidermis.

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Retinol or Niacinamide are all great picks. Choose the one according to your skin type.


Never skip on applying a night cream as it not only keeps your skin hydrated but also keeps it looking fresh and healthy. Even if you have oily skin, moisturiser is a must! If you don't like anything that's too greasy, swap your creams for gel-based moisturisers.

For all you beauties who have dry skin, top off your night cream with a sleeping mask. This small step will help you level up your skincare regime.

Under Eye Protection

One rookie mistake we all make is not using an under-eye product before sleeping. Did you know that the skin under our eyes is particularly sensitive and more prone to damage? Yup, that's why it's one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

Before sleeping, make sure you apply a hydrating under eye cream or serum to avoid puffiness and dark circles.

Lip Care

Now that you've shown your skin all that love, it's time to put on a hydrating lip balm. One of the easiest ways to prevent lips from cracking up is by applying lip balm before sleeping. If you do have cracked lips, use a lip scrub or a dry toothbrush to scrape off the dead skin and then apply a lip hydrating product. 

If you don't already have a PM skincare routine in place, now is the right time to start. You can thank us in 4-8 weeks, once you start to see results! 😉

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