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10 Single Eyeshadows To Buy When You Don't Want To Make A Commitment To A Whole Palette


Don't get us wrong, we love using our eyeshadows palette but sometimes, we end up wasting our money. Either the colours weren't pigmented enough or we only ended up using 2-3 shades from the entire palette. Even travelling with bulky palettes is such a pain.

That's where single shadows step in as heroes! If you are looking for a particular shade or prefer using only a single colour to make your lids pop, then you're going to love our selection. Here are some of the best single eyeshadow shades that are calling out your name!

The Prettiest Single Eyeshadow Shades To Try

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Make some space for these dinky single eyeshadows that may take up a small room but will definitely make a big impact on your overall look. Be ready to add them all to your cart!

Tangy Twist

In case you didn't know, peach is the hottest shade to use this summer! Be it on your lids, cheeks, or lips, peach is a total winner RN. For those of you who prefer using more prominent shades, FOCALLURE Yes Please! is the one for you.

This peachy-orange shade is a fab pick and can make you look like a million dollars. It is also a duo-chrome shadow so you can imagine how sparkly you'll look when the sunlight hits your face.

'Coz I Lilac It Like That

If you lilac it like that, then this #SummerApproved single eyeshadow should be your next purchase. Lilac was a big colour in 2020, we're talking bags, shoes, clothes, and even makeup. And if you too cannot get enough of this colour, then you gotta add this eyeshadow to your cart, STAT. It'll look so bomb with a summery yellow dress!

Cool Blues & Greens

What happens when blue and green marry each other? You get a gorgeous, aquamarine shade- and who wouldn't like that on her lids?

The MyGlamm Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade Aquamarine is a multi-purpose eyeshadow stick that you can use to colour your lids and as an eyeliner. Just pair it with red lipstick and watch heads turn everywhere you go.

Definitely BLUE Our Minds

If you struggle with putting glitter eyeshadows properly (you and me both sister), then you need to try a liquid eyeshadow today. Trust us, it is a complete gamechanger.

The Lime Crime Diamond Dew Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade Tearful is one of the most beautiful blue colours out there and just one swipe across your lids and you'll look like a pro MUA. 

Minimal Magic

If you like to stay away from bright colours as much as possible, then you're going to love the Note Luminous Silk Mono Eye Shadow in the shade 03. It is a muted pink hue that you can either use like that or as a transition shade for darker colours. Either way, it's the perfect colour for everyday use.

Call The Cop(per)

This festive season, add some more *chaar chand* to your eye makeup look with Disguise Cosmetics' Satin Smooth Eyeshadow Squares in the shade Satin Copper Lava. This stunning copper shade will look so bomb with your blingy Indian outfits. After you're done with your makeup, use your fingers to dab it on your lids and we bet there would be no stopping you!

Pure Gold On Your Lids

To add a luxe touch to your makeup look, trust the Tom Ford Cream Color For Eye in the shade Sphinx. This gold, cream eyeshadow can instantly make you look lively. Pair it with a white tank top, distressed blue denim, and gold hoops and you'll look so sexy, we swear!

Just A Jean-ius Shade

Cannot get enough of the colour blue? How about some denim blue? The SERY Focus Eye Shadow Stick in the shade E4 Denim is a one-of-a-kind sparkly, dark blue shade and perfect for all seasons. You can wear it with your summer dresses or your winter coats!

You can also use it as an eyeliner after you're done with your eye makeup.

It's Confetti Time

If you are ever invited to a fab last-minute plan or wish to look extra AF in a matter of minutes, then we've got the perfect shade of single eyeshadow for you!

Sephora Collection Eyeshadows is an ultra-metallic shade that looks like confetti on your lids. Dab it on your lids for an instant burst of colour or on the inner corner of your eyes to turn on your Glamm mode!

Bow Down For Royalty

Buy this for that gorgeous colour and for that luxe gold packaging! The Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow, Rich Metal in the shade High Octane is a royal purple shade that will give the illusion of 'metal dripping' on your lids. Use a damp eyeshadow brush for maximum colour payoff and we bet you're going to be obsessed with this one.


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