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When In Doubt, Pout It Out: 5 Simple Ways To Stop Lipsticks From Bleeding For Good




Ah, lipstick; there are so many reasons why we love you.

From making us look put together in a jiffy to adding the perfect amount of pazazz to our overall look, lipsticks are hands-down the most popular item in our makeup bag. Even on the days that you don’t feel like showering, just applying red lipstick can transform the whole look.

However, one thing is a huge bummer when lipsticks bleed and create a messy appearance. Well, not anymore. Today, we’re talking about easy ways to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and these are hacks you’ll want to remember.

How To Stop Lipstick From Bleeding



Applying lipstick is super easy but keeping it intact can be a hard play, especially if it keeps bleeding around your lip line. But don’t you worry as these simple tricks can help you get the pout of your dreams in no time.

It’s All About Prepping Your Lips


Most of us just take our lipstick and apply it to our lips without prepping our lips first and that is the biggest mistake we make. Having cracked and flaky lips will not only make your lips look crusty but also can cause lipstick bleeding.

Exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick is a gamechanger. Not only will it remove the dead skin but will also create a smooth canvas for your lipstick. Just don’t forget to apply a teeny tiny amount of lip balm after that and then apply your lipstick.

How Much Lip Balm Is Too Much Lip Balm?


One of the most common mistakes that we all make is applying a ton of lip balm before applying lipstick. Not that you shouldn’t apply any sort of lip hydrating product but applying too much will make the lips super greasy and the lipstick will not stay put.

Don’t Cross The Line


Lip liner is a makeup essential you never knew you needed, until now. Yes, it most certainly makes your pout look plumper but it is also a gamechanger when it comes to stopping your lipstick from bleeding. It creates a barrier of some sort and makes sure the product doesn’t cross the lip line.

It’s Always About The Base

Unless you’re wearing matte liquid lipstick, your lipstick will move around. To ensure that your lipstick stays put, apply a thin veil of foundation or concealer before applying your lip product. Just take a pea-sized product and dab it lightly onto your lips before going in with a lipliner. Trust us, this really works!

Blot It, Baby


This is the oldest trick in the book to make your lipstick last all night long…unless you have other plans. *wink wink*

After you’ve applied your lipstick, take a tissue paper and lightly press it against your lips. Next, take a big fluffy brush and swirl it around in some loose translucent powder and then dab it over your tissue paper-clad lips. Do this 2-3 times, remove the tissue paper and we bet you’ll barely need to touch up.

Just make sure you spritz your pretty face with a setting spray after you’ve applied your lipstick as it always helps!

Ready to pout it out?

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