7 TV Shows That Beauty Lovers Need Add To Their Weekend-Binge List


Okay, is it just me, or is picking something to watch the toughest decision to make ever? I scroll through every streaming platform again and again and finally end up watching The Office for the hundredth time. If you face the same dilemma then I'm listing down some amazing shows to binge-watch. Beauty mavens, you're in for a treat cause these TV shows are right up your alley.

7 TV Series That Beauty Lovers Need To Watch ASAP


Euphoria Makeup

This show tops our list because it actually inspired thousands of makeup tutorials and became a beauty theme in itself. The head makeup artist, Doniella Davy created looks based on the character's emotional journeys and it spoke volumes. From glitter tears to gem-studded brows, Euphoria had it all.

Where to watch: Disney + Hotstar



If you're a rom-com lover then we suggest you start watching Bridgeton ASAP. Set in the Regency area, this show is all about the hush-hush romance of the years gone by. The main character, Daphe looks ethereal in her flushed makeup looks, her rosy lipstick, and her ball gowns. OTT hair accessories are totally on-trend right now, and this show will make you want to try them out even more.

Where to watch: Netflix

Queer Eye

Queer Eye TV Show

Admit it, we all love a good makeover. Whether that is in moves from the '90s and early 2000s or to reality shows of today. Queer Eye has all the addictive qualities of those watches along with a whole lot of self-confidence boosting positive vibes. It's a great example of how grooming can really boost someone's belief in themself.

Where to watch: Netflix



Glow Show Netflix

Glow is a fully entertainment-packed show but it's the makeup and hair looks that have our attention. Not only does it have a stellar cast but it also features '80s hair and dramatic makeup- think big perms and teal lipstick. Beauty addicts will love this little throwback!

Where to watch: Netflix

Legend Of The Blue Sea

The two things we love are Korean beauty trends and binge-watching TV shows. Well, this suggestion combines them both. The Korean show, Legend Of The Blue Sea, features some gorgeous makeup looks which focus on clean skin and a radiant glow from within. It might just make you switch from lipsticks to dabbed on lip tints forever.

Where to watch: Netflix

Glow Up

Reality TV addicts will love this show because it's all about a group of skilled makeup artists competing for the top spot. The prize includes a contract assisting the world's top makeup artists and an actual shot at making it to the industry. There are grueling tasks, inspired looks and for makeup junkies like us, it's a binge-worthy watch.

Where to watch: Netflix



If you're into soap operas then this adaptation of the '80s hit show, Dynasty will really be up your alley. It's got family drama, gorgeous fashion moments, and statement beauty looks, all the things that make a great TV show cocktail. Destress with this after a long day of work and sip on a glass of wine, things will feel a whole lot better.

Where to watch: Netflix


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Featured Image: Disney + Hotstar, Netflix