#WinterTrendAlert: Slugging Is The New K-Beauty Trend That's Perfect For Dry Skin


Korean skincare trends have dominated the international market for quite some time now. From the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine to incorporating serums and essences in our daily beauty treatments--the list goes on! Now a new K-beauty trend is brewing in the market and it is perfect for those suffering from dry skin! We’re talking about slugging--a new trend that is all about achieving soft, supple skin without spending too much. Seems too good to be true? Well, given that winter is officially here, you can test it out yourself.

Keep reading to know more about this new skin phenomenon that’s taken over social media.

What Is Slugging?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to apply any slimy creatures or their mucus on your face to get on board with this trend. While the name might gross out a few, the art of slugging is all about coating your face in Vaseline aka petroleum jelly and leaving it on overnight. Since Vaseline is an occlusive ingredient, it is perfect for dry skin as it forms a seal over the epidermis, preventing water loss while also repairing the skin’s barrier while you sleep. Keep in mind though that this is beneficial only for those with dry skin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin might need to sit this one out.

Benefits of Slugging

Benefits of Slugging

If you have dry skin all year round or only when the temperature drops then you need to give slugging a try. This simple and easy process boasts of several skin benefits, one of them is soft, smooth skin. Check out the other benefits of slugging.

Reduces Signs Of Ageing: Dry skin leads to cracks which later leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Slugging not only helps keep the skin moist but also repairs the skin barrier, improves hydration, restores water to the epidermis and keeps the skin soft and supple. 

Helps Treat Eczema Skin: Extremely dry skin can also lead to a skin condition called eczema. This includes itchy, red and inflamed skin that can even be painful for a few. Here’s where slugging comes to the rescue. Petroleum jelly adds an additional barrier that locks in moisture, helps repair and protect the skin’s barrier, making it soft and supple again. 

How Do You Slug?

slugging for dry skin

Intrigued? Well, lucky for you, we’re going to show you how to slug. 

Just like any skincare routine, you need to start with a clean canvas. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry.

Next, take a little petroleum on your index and middle finger and apply it all over your face. Make sure to not slater the product unevenly all over. Take your time and make sure you cover every inch of your skin. 

Use a pillowcase you don’t mind destroying, ‘coz trust us, it’s not going to look pretty in the morning. 

Once you wake up, cleanse your face with a gentle face wash and you’re good to go. 

Easy, inexpensive and simple--what more can you ask for?

Featured Image: Pexels