Warm Yet Sexy: The Terracotta Makeup Trend Is Definitely Living In Our Minds Rent- Free RN


Do you know that warm-toned lipstick in your vanity that reminds you of autumn? Somehow it makes you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside. The exact shade name is terracotta and it's a super on-trend as a makeup colour at the moment. 

Terracotta Makeup Trend Is All Over Social Media ATM

Terracotta makeup is all about taking your nude makeup game to another level. Inspired by the rich tones of the earth, it involves creating a warm makeup look whilst keeping your natural glow intact.

And if this sounds like a makeup trend you wish to try today, then keep on reading.

The Eyes

shay mitchell terracotta eye makeup

Flaunting neutral tones on your eyes is always a fab idea. But if you wish to add some colour and warmth to your eye makeup, then try a terracotta eyeshadow shade. It not only is the perfect colour for a day to night look but it just looks absolutely stunning.

And if you have hooded eyes, try this- cover your entire lid with just one shade, define your eyes with eyeliner, two coats of mascara and you're done. Applying a dash of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes is always a fab idea.

The Cheeks

tara sutaria terracotta blush makeup

Credits: Instagram

Applying blush on the apple of your cheeks is the easiest way to look lively and add a touch of colour to your overall look. While there's no denying that a nude blush looks really great on all skin tones, especially with a bold lip colour, if you really want to add some warmth to your colour, then you should be giving terracotta blush a try today.

It not only makes you look powerful but just a touch of highlighter over it will make you stand out from the crowd!

Oh, Those Lips

deepika padukone terracotta lipstick

A terracotta lip shade? Yes, please! A stunning nude shade can never go out of style. And if you love nude shades, then you gotta try a terracotta lip shade, STAT.

It not only enhances your pout but also is one of those lipstick shades that looks amazing on both Indian and western #OOTDs. And if you desire having a juicy pout, a swipe of clear gloss is all it takes!

Full Face Of Terracotta Magic

priyanka chopra terracotta makeup

We are sure that by now, you are ready to give terracotta makeup a much-deserved try. And if you do love neutral colours in opposed to brighter shades, then why not give your face a full-blown terracotta makeover!

From eyes to lips to cheeks; isn't this makeup trend just amazing?

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Ready to turn up the heat with terracotta makeup?

Featured Image: Instagram, Pinterest