Break Up With Hair Damage: Common Mistakes You're Making That Could Be Causing Split- Ends


One of the first signs that your hair is getting damaged is when it starts splitting into two (or more). Yup, we're talking about the notorious split-ends because honestly, that's the reason most of us cannot grow our hair out beyond a certain point!

You can also combat hair fall, take care of a dry scalp, and even get rid of dandruff but once split-ends start showing up, there's literally no stopping them. 

If you've faced the split end problem too, then you've come to the right place!

Common Hair Mistakes That Could Be Making Your Split Ends Worse

Cutting Your Hair Wrong

If you want to get rid of split-ends, there's only one solution- to cut them. But your regular haircut may not give you the desired results. Here's how you can cut your hair to reduce them:

- Get a proper cut: If you have you have split-ends all over your hair, then the ideal way is to either cut your hair shorter or get layers.

- Cut only specific areas: If you have split-ends on the specific parts of your hair, you can totally save some bucks and cut them yourself.

- Twist and cut: Another way to get rid of 'hidden' split-ends is by taking a small strand of hair, twisting it 3-4 times, and cutting the hair that is coming out. It is an effective way to get rid of split-ends that you normally wouldn't be able to see.

Make sure you know where the split-ends are otherwise your haircut would be a total waste.

Over-Cutting The Split-Ends

The 'twist and cut' technique is amazing to get rid of split-ends that are in the middle or would be difficult to get rid of unless you chop off all that length. But overdoing it will cause your hair to thin as you're cutting your hair over and over again.

Yes, we know that the only way to get rid of split-ends is by getting a haircut or cutting the problems areas by yourself but if you keep cutting your hair yourself, you'll be left with bhot thode se baal!

Not Taking Care Of Your Hair

Credits: Pexels

Split-ends are ruthless. Once the split happens, it is game over as they only separate more. Since split-ends are a result of hair damage, it is better to stray away from practices that'll only make it worse. Make sure you...

- Do not use too many heat appliances and never use them on damp hair, please.

- Use a hair serum that'll protect your hair from within and also penetrate deeper into the hair strands.

- Use hair packs to provide proper nourishment and to make 'em stronger.

- Regularly oil your mane because honestly, champi sessions are magic.

Tying Your Hair Tightly Very Often

Another factor that is breaking your hair (and causing split-ends) can be your fave ponytails. Tieing your hair using a very tight hair tie or styling your mane in a top knot bun can cause stress to your hair and creates hair breakage.

Make sure you let your hair loose once a day, especially when you're sleeping. Try silk hair ties as they're awesome!

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Time to break up with split-ends for good!

Featured Image: Pexels.com