From Mirror Skin To Mugwort: Korean Skincare Trends That Will Become A Rage In 2021


Last year it was all about cream skin, skincare-infused makeup, succulent toners and hybrid beauty products. It's going to be slightly different this year. Although skincare ain't going nowhere in 2021, some beauty brands predict that there will be bigger and better K-Beauty trends. Are you ready to be top of your game this year? Let's roll! 

Mirror Skin

woman admiring her skin in the mirror

Remember how popular the cream skin trend was last year? This year, it's going to be mirror skin. As the name suggests, mirror skin is skin so glowy, so bright, that it almost reflects objects at sight. K-Beauty companies this year are most likely to develop a skincare product that delivers a lit-from-withing glow. A brightening beauty ingredient you're going to see a lot this year is niacinamide. This ingredient is fantastic for brightening the skin and offering intense hydration to the pores. 

Gel-Textured Skincare Products

Creams are great and stuff, but they can get too time-consuming to apply. Once the product is on your skin, you have to spend a minute or two massaging it into the skin before it absorbs completely. The skin tends to absorb gel-textured skincare products quicker than creams and lotions. Not to mention that gel products also don't leave behind a greasy, sticky residue on the skin.

Double-Serum Products Are The Future

woman applying serum on skin

We already have dual beauty products that cater to differ skip types and concerns. Soon, we will have double-serum products with us as well. Let's say you have dull and dry skin, and you have no choice but to use two separate products to treat both concerns. Double-serum products take care of that issue once and for all. They'll save you space and money too *Wink*

Say Hello To Mugwort!

Forget seaweed and green tea leave extract for a moment and intend for mugwort infused skincare to hit the stores real soon. This herb is used in traditional Korean medicine and is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects. Soon we will be able to find this ingredient in sheet masks, essences, serums and many more such products.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Has Superpowers

sea buckthorn oil

You probably would have found seabuckthorn in beauty supplements. However, this ingredient will soon be available as oil as well. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, seabuckthorn oil will help to nourish and moisturise the skin. If not oils, you can expect to find this ingredient in serums, eye patches, sheet masks and gel-textured products. 

All these new K-Beauty trends have one common mission, and that is to make your skin glow brighter than the sun! So keep an eye out for these 2021 skincare trends.

Featured Image: Shutterstock