Influencers Are In Love With This 'Gram-Worthy Store In Mumbai & You've Gotta See Why


If you didn't 'gram it, it didn't happen!

Instagram has become such a big part of our lives with most of us scrolling through reels and double-tapping on photographs almost all day. Even when we meet friends, a selfie on your Insta story is almost mandatory. If you're just as addicted to social media as we are, then you'll love this new spot in Mumbai!

Welcome to the MyGlamm beauty experiential store, which has especially been designed to inspire beauty creators to create the content that they love. It's got so many one-of-a-kind elements that you won't find anywhere else in the country. Don't believe us? These influencers have already got gram-worthy pictures clicked there and you'll defs wanna check them out.

Influencers Are Loving The #MyGlammExperienceStore And You've Got See Them

Devki Dhuria

MyGlamm Experience Store Image

Digital content creator Devki Dhuria is obsessed with the Clean Beauty stall at the store. She even tried out the MyGlamm Cocoa Butter Lip & Cheek Pencil and it looked gorgeous on her. With products displayed for all to admire and a light-up mirror, the store is every beauty maven's dream destination.

Dreaming In Mascara

MyGlamm Experience Store

Kiran and Sonam, who run the gorgeous Instagram page Dreaming In Mascara, also visited the store and adored it. They got their makeup done by the MUA and posed at the various gram-worthy booths at the Juhu showroom. 

Kanisha Malhotra

MyGlamm Store Juhu

Blogger and actor Kanisha Malhotra is taking the glamm quotient up a notch at the experience store as she posed in a cute floral maxi dress. Also, look at that hanging seating, doesn't it look super luxe? Your Insta feed will totes get a makeover after just one visit here!

Nimisha Rao

MyGlamm Beauty Experience Store

Neon lighting just has a different vibe about it, amirite? Beauty blogger, Nimisha Rao sure thinks so. She looked stunning as she posed in front of the mirror with bright neon lights adding colour to the photograph. If you wanna add some vibrancy to your social media, you've gotta make it to Juhu.

Priyanka Lalwani

MyGlamm Beauty Experience

If you're fond of pink, then you've got to screenshot this photo so that when you visit the MyGlamm Experience Store, you can get one just like it. Beauty influencer Priyanka Lalwani fell in love with the K.Play counter where she tried on the blush and posed with the bubblegum wall. Ain't she a cutie?

Mekhala Bawsay

MyGlamm Store Juhu, Mumbai

Mekhala Bawsay also paid a visit to the Instagram haven and had an experience to remember! She swatched lipsticks and modelled alongside the decor and spoke about her fave part of the store which is where you can manually change the lighting colour of the booth so that it goes with your #OOTD. Amazing, right?

We're pretty sure after seeing these photographs, you're dying to head over there. Besides these 'grammable spots, the store also has a MyGlammXO Secret Lab which is in line with the co-creation philosophy that MyGlamm holds dear. This is a secret lab for MyGlammXO Insiders which features a place where consumers can test formulation and give their honest feedback on products. It even has MUAs and beauty technicians to give you one-on-one consultations if you need it. So, all your skincare and makeup queries can be addressed right here. Virtual tryouts, tutorial stands, and much more, this place has it all!

So when are you visiting?

Featured Image: MyGlamm