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Basic Wings Are So Passé: Try These New Eyeliner Trends For An 'Eyeconic' Start To 2021!


A wise sage once said, when it doubt, just wing it: your life, eyeliner, everything!

Okay it's me, I'm the (not-so) wise sage. But matching your wings is an underrated beauty sport and quite honestly, one of the best parts about doing makeup. Who knew just drawing a line over our lids could make us feel so pretty and confident? And if you are someone who loves defining their eyes using eyeliner then you're in for a treat, as these eyeliner styles are thoda hatke and for everyone who loves to experiment!

Upgrade Your Eyeliner

Still matching your wings using black eyeliner? Umm, that's so 2020! Time to give your eyeliner a much-deserved upgrade with these new eyeliner styles. Sit back, take out your eyeliners and let your creativity run wild!

Eyeliner Under My Eye

Credits: Instagram

Oh my, isn't this stunning?

And before you think that this is too difficult to recreate, let me assure you that it's not. Start by doing your fave cat-eye first and then draw an incomplete line on your crease line and let it dry for a few seconds. Make sure the line is thick and precise so that it looks great from afar too.

Next, draw a thick line under your lower lashline but make sure you leave some space. The final step is to draw tiny lines at the outer corner of your eyes that 'cross' out the main line...and that's it.

You can either do this on bare lids or even over your #InstaWorthy eye makeup.

Everything's White And Black

Credits: Instagram

Remember when everyone was obsessed with using white eyeliner? Time to bring it back with a little dark twist.

Start by creating a wing on the outer eye area. But instead of filling it all the way to the inner corner of your eyes, draw it a little over your crease. But make sure you wing it. You can either cover your entire crease with it or leave out some space and use white eyeliner instead. Yes, it is a lot of work but the end result is definitely worth it.

'Coz I'm A Star

Credits: Instagram

Now, this is what we call minimal magic! Notice how easy and stunning this is to recreate? Simply draw a precise line on your eye crease line and leave some space for the star. The easier way to perfect the star is by making a dot in the middle and drawing 5 lines out of it.

If you think that you might mess it up, we suggest you draw the star first or a different design altogether.

Definitely BLUE My Mind

Credits: Instagram

This is for everyone who loves her winged eyeliner because it's classy. Just ditch your black eyeliner for a coloured one and we bet no one would be able to take their eyes off you.

When In Doubt, Just Float It

Credits: Instagram

No doubt that the floating eyeliner trend was one of the biggest makeup trends of 2020. It's simple and definitely worth giving a shot.

To get on the this #CelebApproved trend, simply draw a precise line on your crease line and that's it. You can always wing it at the end!

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Ready to create some 'eyeconic' looks today?

Featured Image: Instagram


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