Get Over Winged Eyeliner Cause This Inner Corner Liner Trend Is All Set To Take Over 2021


The winged eyeliner was an all-time favourite back in the ‘60s and never really went out of style. Even today, thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, the cat-eye trend lives on. But as we've stepped into 2021, this winged eyeliner trend is about to get a bit of a makeover. Yes, that’s right, a new makeup craze is taking over social media and we can’t wait to show it off at our next video call party.

So, what exactly are we talking about? Well, it’s none other than the inner corner eyeliner trend. The inner corner eyeliner trend is all about enhancing the eyes by not only creating a dramatic wing on the outer corners of the eyes but also adding a sharp wing on the inner corners. This creates a more demi-feline feel that’s dramatic and oh-so-chic. Confused? Well, don’t be! You’ve probably seen this trend all over Instagram already and we’re going to show you how you can easily recreate this look at the home.

How To Perfect The Inner Corner Eyeliner Trend

Prep And Prime Your Skin

This should come as no surprise! Before applying any makeup, it’s always important to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face before moving on to the makeup primer. This will give you a smoother canvas to work with and also help your makeup last longer. You can then do your base and fill in your brows if need be.

Conceal The Dark Cirlces

After the initial step, move onto the eyes. It’s important to conceal those dark circles so that the colour stands out and is not hidden by any under-eye puffiness or darkness. Simply apply a colour corrector and concealer, add a touch of powder, and you're ready to move on to the eyeliner.

Start With Your Upper Lash Line

Once you’ve concealed your dark circles, go ahead and create your winged liner by lining your upper lash line. This part remains the same as drawing your regular cat-eye and you don’t need to worry about much. Once you’re done, bring the line past the inner corner of the eye.

Bottom Lash Line

Once you’ve perfected this, draw a small line on the inner corner of the bottom lash line to connect the two. Now, there might be a few mistakes and blunders but it’s nothing that a little cotton bud won’t fix. Et, voila! The inner corner eye line trend!


Coat Your Lashes With Mascara

After a dramatic eyeliner look, it's always important to coat your lashes with mascara so that they show up. Use one that both volumises and lengthens the lashes. You can even go ahead and put falsies if you're in the mood to take your makeup look up a notch.

For A Detailed Tutorial, Watch This Video:

There is no rule as to which colours you need to use. The inner corner eyeliner trend can be created with any shade so go on and go wild.

Featured Image: Instagram