These Tips Will Ensure That You Leave An Enticing Trail Of Fragrance Wherever You Go!


You’ve probably come across those people who always smell good no matter where they’ve come from. Whether it is from a rigorous Zumba class, after a good run or even if they haven’t showered the entire day --- somehow bad odour and them, just don’t match. So, what is their secret? Well, here’s the thing. When it comes to smelling good, it’s not only about their genes or what they put on their body but also how they take care of it and what they put inside it. * bad news for all those who spend a bomb on those designer perfumes hoping to smell good all day, every day.*

The good news is that smelling good always, even without using a perfume, is achievable for everyone as long as the right precautions are taken. So, if you’re looking for a way to amp up your aroma and leave a trail of good smell wherever you go, just scroll down to learn the secret to smelling good anytime, anywhere.

Change Your Diet

Change Your Diet

We cannot stress enough on how your daily food consumption plays a big role on your body. Aside from giving you good skin, a healthy diet can also reduce the bad odour. It’s tempting to add spice, onions, and garlic to your food as it increases the flavour but the consequence is that it comes out through your pores. Aside from affecting your natural body odour, it can also change the way a certain perfume smells when applied on your body.

This is why, it’s important to have a diet that is rich in fresh food, including fruits and vegetables and clean protein.

Do A Lot Of Research

Do A Lot Of Research

Don’t just pick the first perfume you see. Each perfume reacts differently on different skins, so what may smell good on someone else, might not necessarily work on you. This is why you need to do full research on what works on your skin, makes you feel good and even perks up your mood.

Keep Your Clothes Clean

Wash your clothes regularly, choose a good detergent --- these are two basic no-brainers when it comes to always smelling good. You can also invest in after wash products that not only soften the fabric but leave a pleasant aroma once it’s dried.

Spray-On Your Pulse Points

Spray-On Your Main Points

When it comes to making your fragrance last longer, you need to focus on your pulse points. This means, when you spray on your ankle, behind the knees, wrist, chest, and behind your ears, you’ll get the most out of your perfume and the aroma will linger around for much longer as compared to spraying on other areas of the body.

Instead of applying perfume on dry skin, moisturise it first with an equally good-smelling moisturiser to add to the aroma and also help the scent smell linger on for longer hours. 

Spritz A Bit Everywhere

Don’t just limit your perfume to your body. Spraying a bit on your sheets, couch, clothes can add that burst of freshness that stays for long hours. There are also plenty of scented sprays specifically designed for the hair so that it ends up smelling good without damaging your tresses.


Follow these tips and leave a hypnotizing scent wherever you go.

Featured Image: Pexels