From Lobs To Blowouts: Celeb-Approved Hairstyles For Every Woman With A Heart-Shape Face


A good hairstyle can set the mood for the entire day. No matter how good your makeup looks or how fire your outfit is... if your hair looks bad, you are not going to feel like yourself. 

Is it just me or do we feel a different kind of anger when our hair isn’t looking the way we want it to?! I see you nodding there in agreement!

Styling your mane is always a task. Will it look good with my outfit? And what kind of accessories should I pair with it? While certain trendy styles make us run to the salon, it's important to remember we all have different hair length and face types! If you have a heart-shaped face and are looking for ways to style it (hair length no bar), then keep reading, beautiful!

Short Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face

If you have short hair, then you have to check out these short heart-shaped face hairstyles. They are sexy, fun and will totally compliment all your outfits!

A Simple Blowout

Blowout Short Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

For the days you are struggling with how to style your hair for a heart-shaped face, then a simple blowout can save your day. Just brush your hair properly and use a blowdryer to dry it!

Make sure you use a ton of best hairspray if you wish to add volume to your mane. You could part your hair or let nature take its course. Either way, we bet you’re going to look stunning.

A Chic Bob

Bob Short Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Nothing says chic than a good 'ol bob. You can either do a short or a long bob can totally flatter your face. It’ll not only take some years off your face but will also accentuate your pretty features. This hairstyle is perfect for everyone who has a diamond or a heart-shaped face.

The Steps Cut

Steps Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

When in doubt, do it like Rachel Green! The step haircut is one of the OG hairstyles of the 90s and honestly, its cult following never really died. It not only eliminates dead hair but also adds a ton of volume, even to flat hair. Honestly, it is definitely one of the most flattering hairdos for the heart-shaped face!

Loose Curls

 Loose Curls Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Want to make your hair look fun and fluffy? Then you gotta curl them! Loose curls look bomb on the heart-shaped face, in fact, any face shape for that matter. Just part your hair (middle or side) and curl your hair at the bottom. Do not worry about your hair being short as it will look great, no matter what.

Middle Parting

Middle Parting Short Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Want your face to look long and elongated? Then middle parting it is!

You can either keep your hair as it is or straighten it for a classier look! Just don’t forget to apply your fave red lipstick if you want all the boys to come to the yard.

PS: Who says that you have to spend a ton of time styling your hair?!

Medium Length Heart Shaped Face Hairstyles

If you’ve got medium or shoulder-length hair and want to check new hairstyles for heart-shaped face, then keep on scrolling. From curls to buns--we’ve got them all!

Curl It Up

Curls - heart shaped face hairstyles

As mentioned earlier, curls look so pretty on the heart-shaped face, no matter the length of your hair. Just part your hair, middle or side, and curl them. You can also use a big brush to curl them inwards when your hair is half wet and use a blow drier to keep them that way!

Bun For The Win

Buns Hairstyle for Medium length heart shape face

We love hair buns and we cannot lie! A messy bun is the ideal hairstyle of our dreams. It’s effortless and lets all the eyes be on you. Unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hair putting hairpins on your hair, we wouldn’t advise you to try the buns if you have short hair. But if you have medium length hair, we say, go for it!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs for heart shaped face

If you are someone who loves knowing everything about the world of beauty, then you know that curtain bangs were all the range in 2020! Even in 2021, it is definitely one of the most popular hairstyles for a heart shape face!

Instead of getting regular bangs, ask your hairdresser to keep the length a little longer so that when you style them, they don’t look awkward and short!

Sleek Hairdo

Sleek Hairstyle for heart shaped face

Sleek and sexy wins the (best hairstyle) race!

Sporting sleek hair is always a fab idea. Not only it makes you exude all kinds of sexy vibes but it just looks so futuristic! Just comb all your hair way back and set them using a texturizing hair gel. If you are unsure about how to use it, take a dollop of it and apply it on your comb and then start combing.

High Ponytail

High pony for heart shaped face

A ponytail can never go out of style!

For the days your hair isn’t cooperating or you haven’t washed your hair, tie them up in a high pony. You can also curl your mane at the bottom to make the ponytail look fluffier. Just don’t forget to pair your hairdo with a pair of nice earringsAnd a nice contour to chisel them cheeks!

Long Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face

If you have Rapunzel approved hair and are on the lookout for some awesome hairstyles that’ll pair well with your heart shape face, then you’re in the right place. Check out these #CelebApproved long hairstyles for the heart shape face RN!

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids for heart shaped face

If you want all the attention on your face, but don’t feel like tying all your hair, then perhaps you should try waterfall braids today. It’s easy, looks really sexy and we bet will also turn a few heads.

Just take a section of your hair from the sides and instead of braiding it downwards, start braiding it on the sides. Make sure you also include the hair that you’ve not sectioned so that your mane stays in place.

Hair accessories are always a fab idea too!

Get Bangs!

bangs for heart shaped face

When in doubt, get bangs. Okay, we’re kidding.

Bangs may or may not be the best idea in the world but cutting them yourselves definitely is. And if you want you to change the way you look without compromising your long hair, then bangs it is!

Puff It Up

heart shaped face hairstyles

Another great hairstyle to flaunt if you have a heart shape face is a puffy hairdo! It not only gives you all the *90s wali heroine* vibes but it also makes your face look more chiselled and long.

Long And Straight

long hairstyle for heart shaped face

A great way to show off your long hair is to let them be! After washing your hair, comb them properly and dry them using a blowdryer. This will not only make your long hair look really good but it’ll also give make you look so stylish. We say wear some dainty neck jewellery and rock all day long!

Curl Them Up

Curls for heart shaped face

If you have a heart shape face and hair that can even make Rapunzel jealous, then why not curl thy mane? It looks edgy, adds a ton of volume to the hair and if you wear hoop earrings with it, ahh, *chef’s kiss*...gorgeous!

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PS: Which hairstyle will you be flaunting today?

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