Hanbang Is The Latest 'It' K-Beauty Trend & Here's Why It Needs To Be On Your Radar


In the past couple of years, some of the biggest skincare trends have emerged from South Korea. 'Glass skin', 'dumpling skin', and 'cream skin', are just a few popular skincare trends that took the beauty world by storm. This year, there's a new K-Beauty trend on the block, and it's called 'Hanbang'. What is it? And why is it becoming more and more popular by the day? You're about to find out!

Everything You Need To Know About The Hanbang Trend

woman using a serum

'Hanbang' means traditional Korean holistic medicine. This medicine includes different herbal ingredients that bring balance and calmness to the body and mind. Some of these herbal ingredients are mixed with topical skincare products too to improve the skin's health and texture.

An important factor in hanbang skincare products is its phytochemical effects. This feature helps to prevent premature ageing and deeply nourish the skin.  

Some of the most common and popular hanbang skincare ingredients include fermented extracts, mushrooms, ginseng, lotus root, green tea, licorice root, honeysuckle extracts, and Rehmannia. Skincare products that have these ingredients in them are loaded with anti-bacterial, anti-redness and anti-ageing properties

However, the star hanbang skincare ingredient we'll be seeing a lot more in 2021 is houttuynia cordata aka heartleaf. Here's a picture of it!

Each leaf has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe irritated skin and give it a smooth, radiant and hydrated appearance.

All hanbang skincare products focus on soothing, brightening and moisturising the skin. They're ingredients used mostly in luxury skincare products and priced higher than Korean skincare drugstore products.


If you think about it, hanbang and Ayurveda are quite similar in principle. Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine and is more than 3,000 years old. Like hanbang, Ayurveda also uses traditional ingredients such as aloe vera, amla, multani mitti, turmeric and more in its skincare products. Indian beauty brands like Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, The Tribe Concept are also known to use ayurvedic ingredients in their beauty products. 

Since Ayurvedic skincare ingredients are natural, they are milder and believed to far more effective than commercial products. 

If you have just been introduced to Korean beauty then we do suggest starting with the most basic routine. The MyGlamm Glow Range is perfect for that because the products have been made on K-beauty principles and have skin brightening and illuminating ingredients like rosehip oil. With this, you wouldn't need anything more.

Whether you use hanbang or Ayurvedic skincare products, we are affirmative that both of them will bring about a positive change in your beauty routine. 

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