Breaking Out On A Specific Part Of Your Face? This Ancient Ayurvedic Technique Might Help


The only thing more annoying than a single pimple, smack in the middle of your face, is a bout of breakouts. Ever wondered why you tend to get acne in the same area over and over again? The answer to this can be found in an ancient ayurvedic technique called face mapping. 

Like any good skincare enthusiast, we know that what we eat does end up making an appearance on our skin. Besides that, there are other factors that come into play like pollution, weather change, stress and more. So, we turned to time-tested methods of understanding acne to figure out the actual reason behind your acne. According to this theory, everything depends entirely on the location of the breakout. 

To deep dive into this method of detecting the causes of acne, keep scrolling...

Forehead and hairline

There could be multiple reasons why you're breaking out on your forehead: 1) If you tend to wear hats or caps often, the constant movement of the fabric against your forehead could be breaking you out and 2) the haircare products you're using are blocking the pores around your hairline.

Another reason for your breakouts could be stress. To keep 'em at bay, we suggest using salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide-laced skincare routine right around the time you have a big event coming up. These two acne fighters have some serious superpowers, salicylic acid removes dead cells and unclogs the gunk from your pores, whereas benzoyl peroxide kills breakout-causing bacteria. If your go-to haircare product tends to be on the heavier side, make sure you're applying it only on your mid-lengths and ends, and steering clear of your scalp.


Your nose is connected to your lungs and heart so if you get acne in that area, dial back on the greasy, salty food. Increase your fruit and water intake and make sure the makeup and skincare that you are using is well within its expiry date and is non-comedogenic


If you're breaking out on your left cheek, chances are you need to load up on hydrating and cooling foods like cucumber and melon, and if the right side is your main concern, cut back on junk food and sugar. Other than that, make sure you're keeping your makeup brushes clean and wiping your phone screen clean regularly.

Jawline and chin

Acne along the jawline and chin could be caused due to hormonal imbalances and if you have sensitive skin, opt for sulfur-laced acne treatments. Unlike salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, these tend to be gentler and absorb all the excess oil from skin.


Breaking out along the delicate skin of your mouth can be a sign of constipation. If that's the cause, include fiber in your diet by loading up fruits, nuts, and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. And, if you're dealing with tiny red bumps, instead of all-out acne, try switching your toothpaste and mouthwash.

And hat's the complete guide to understanding why you're breaking out in a particular area repeatedly! 

Featured image: Instagram