Your Ultimate Guide On How To Treat Hormonal Acne While You're On Your Period


Severe stomach aches, mood swings, sore boobs- and that's just the beginning. I think I say this on behalf of everyone that we definitely do not look forward to getting our periods 12 times a year (unless of course, we actually miss them). 

Whoever thought being cranky for five days a month was too much hasn't seen the pimples that erupt on our skin during this time. Argh. If you're part of this period acne crew then we've got some solutions for you on how to deal with them.

Period Acne: A Mini Guide

Credits: Pexels

Identify The Problem First

Even though a lot of us get period acne, not everyone gets the same type. You may get a tiny pimple, an outburst of painful cysts, or even whiteheads. Identify what kind you get and treat it accordingly.

Here's how to identify them:

Papules: These are tiny pimples that hurt a lot. They are usually pink in colour and usually appear around your chin.

Whiteheads: These are the white dots that appear on your face due to clogged pores. They either appear on the skin's surface or beneath them as invisible pimples. They are usually filled with pus and yes, super ugly too.

Cysts: These are the worst kind. They are usually huge and appear beneath the skin and are filled with pus. Getting rid of them takes time but it definitely isn't impossible. Just avoid touching them as they can lead to permanent scars.

Why Do We Get Period Acne?

It's the hormones!

Our hormones are all over the place around the menstrual cycle. Just before our period starts, the estrogen and progesterone levels drop which in turn triggers the sebaceous glands to secreate more sebum. As you know, excess sebum leads to clogged pores which lead to acne.

Also, we all have testosterone in our body and it gets triggered during our menstrual cycles which is another reason for breakouts.

Usually, period acne happens around the nose, cheeks, and especially the chin.

How To Take Care Of Period Acne

Treat your period acne just like any other breakouts. We get it, you're angry because the last thing we need is acne on top of painful cramps but don't go popping them like bubble wrap. Instead, do this:

- Wash your face with an anti-acne cleanser as it'll clear up the clogged pores.

- If you have painful cysts, use ice to soothe them but do not use it on whiteheads as it'll make them pop and leave a nasty scar behind. You can also make green tea ice cubes to kill the bacteria more effectively.

- Use skin-friendly ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or even Vitamin C on your face. Benzoyl peroxide is also excellent to get rid of acne more effectively.

- If you get tiny bumps or just a few whiteheads, spot treatments work best. You can also use pimple patches to try them overnight.

- Avoid DIY treatments and if your acne goes out of control during this time, do consult a dermatologist.  


Thing To Keep In Mind

Here are a few things you can do to have a less painful, period acne experince.

- Stray away from using a lot of makeup on your face.

- Do not experiment with new products as it may worsen the situation. But if you are curious about trying a new technique, do a patch test first.

- Do not apply anything on an open pimple.

- Reach out for oil-free products instead.

- Keep washing your face after every two hours.

Have a happy period and remember if the problem of period acne persists, visiting a doctor is the best thing to do.

Featured Image: Pexels.com