Icing On The Face: These Ice Cube Recipes Will Help You Tackle Every Kind Of Skin Woe


Sometimes the simplest things can do wonders for your skin. It can be something as basic as using rosewater as a toner, applying aloe vera on your skin for acne scars, or even icing your face to tone down puffiness and boost your natural glow. Trust us, they work! And if you are a big believer in using au naturale skincare methods then you're going to love this!

Each one of us has a different type of skin hence a customised skincare routine needs to be adopted to address the specific skin needs. For that, we have some *cool* DIY ice cube recipes for you guys. 

DIY Ice Cube Recipes

Time to sing ice, ice baby as these DIY recipes can do miracles to your skin. So without further ado, lets us take out our icetrays and some fun ingredients because it's fun, y'all!

For Acne-Prone Skin

Did you know that green tea has antimicrobial properties that not only help soothe down redness from your face but also help fight acne? To make green tea ice cubes, you'll need the following:


- 2 Green teabags

- Water

- 2 cups

- Ice tray


Step 1: Pour some boiling water into two cups and put a green tea bag in each of them.

Step 2: Allow 15 minutes for it to settle down and then pour the green tea into an ice tray.

Step 3: Freeze it and use it once daily.

It's excellent for everyone who has acne-prone skin as it'll not only reduce the size of acne but also kill the germ causing bacteria.

To Revive Dull Skin

All of us love our early morning coffee fix, right? It not only makes us feel more awake but also soothes us with its fragrance. So, what better way to wake up dull and tired-looking skin than with DIY coffee ice cubes?


- Coffee Power

- Water

- Ice Tray

- Mug


Step 1: In a mug, add boiling water and 2 tbsps coffee.

Step 2: Stir it well and let it settle for about five minutes.

Step 3: The final step is to pour the mixture into the tray and freeze it.

These yummilicious ice cubes will revive your skin in no time and will also leave a pinkish glow behind.

To Calm Irritated Skin

Credits: Pexels

Aloe vera has miraculous benefits and combined with basil, it can calm down irritated skin in no time. So if you have skin inflammation or your skin is super sensitive, time to use this recipie. 


- Freshly plucked aloe vera

- Multiple Basil leaves

- Water

- Ice tray


Step 1: Cut open the aloe vera plant and scoop out the gel in a bowl.

Step 2: Pour the gel into a mixer blend until the gel becomes liquidy and runny.

Step 3: Next, strain the aloe gel into the ice tray so that lumps are separated.

Step 4: The final step is to add basil leaves into each tray component. You can also cut the leaves and you're done.

Use this every day on your skin and we bet your skin will not only look brighter but it is an excellent way to calm the irritated spots on your face.

To Refresh Your Skin In The Summer

Don't you just love drinking detox water in summers to get rid of all the toxins from your body? Well, this DIY shall refresh your skin in no time, providing an instant boost of freshness.


- 2 Lemons

- Cucumbers

- Water

- Ice tray


Step 1: In an ice tray, squeeze out the lemon juice and pout it equally in every component.

Step 2: Next, cut small pieces of cucumbers and add the two. Make sure you chop them finely and do not add more than 2-3 pieces in one.

Step 3: Finally add water and freeze it.

This is the perfect way to refresh your skin on a hot sunny day! And yes, it's also amazing against pimples.

For A Pinky Glow

Berries are so pretty to look at. These aesthetically pleasing DIY ice cubes are what you need to make if you want that pink glow today.


- Strawberries

- Blueberries

- Raspberries

- Ice tray

- Water


Step 1: In a bowl cut multiple slices of all the berries but be careful to not cut super tiny ones or they'll get mashed up.

Step 2: Add the pieces into the ice tray and pour water and let them freeze.

Step 3: Once frozen, you can use them to help you achieve a natural glow.

Use it before doing your makeup and we bet your skin will look so healthy all day long.

The fact that these DIY recipes are super affordable is the perfect icing on the cake!

Featured Image: Pexels.com