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Compact Vs Setting Powder: Do We Really Need Both Makeup Products?


The world of makeup is so much fun! From primer to setting spray to everything in between--each step feels like a fun task.

But while applying makeup is so exciting, it can also be a little intimidating for beginners. Like what is the difference between contouring and using a bronzer? How is compact powder different from a setting powder? And if you're among the many who doesn't really get the difference between a compact and a setting powder, then you're at the right place

Compact Vs Setting Powder

The art of doing makeup has definitely evolved in the last couple of years. So if you think that all powders are same such a translucent, setting and even a compact, we wouldn't blame you!

Keep reading to know the difference between a compact and a setting powder!


Compact powder needs no introduction. I bet all of us used our mother's Lakmé compacts when we were little.

This powder is used after you're done with your makeup for a semi-matte finish to the skin and also to keep the oil secretion in control. It is super lightweight on the skin and also provides a faint coverage to the skin. It is the perfect product for touch-ups and to freshen up the skin in a jiffy.

A compact powder comes in a variety of shades so that you can pick the one that matches your skin tone.


Setting Powder

Setting powders, on the other hand, are designed specifically to 'hold' your makeup in one place and 'set' it. It is applied over all over your face, especially on concealer to make it last longer. It melts into your skin, giving you a flawless finish that you cannot get enough of.

It is generally available in two forms-- translucent and pressed.

So, What Is The Difference Between The Two?

On the surface, they both seem pretty similar but they are definitely different...

- Setting powders are usually pale in colour whereas a compact powder is an exact match to the skin or a shade lighter

- Compact powder sit directly on the skin, therefore you have to be careful about how much you apply. Whereas setting powders melts into your skin, locking in your makeup.

- Setting powders are usually available in 4-8 shades as their sole purpose is to lock the makeup and not provide any sort of coverage to the skin. On the other hand, a compact powder is available in multiple shades.

- Compact is used to blur out the inspections and also whereas a setting powder is also used to do baking.

Who's a pro in the world of makeup now, eh?

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