Dress Up Your Nails: 5 #InstaWorthy Ways You Can Add A Metallic Touch To Your Mani


Nothing fixes your mood like a good old manicure! Having a bad day? Get a manicure. Feels like your life is falling apart? Sounds like you need a mani. Is bae getting on your nerves? Ignore them and get a mani!

There's something oddly satisfying about nails that look as pretty as you, right? And if you are someone who loves sporting a new design on her nails every week, then you have to give metallic nails a try.

Best Metallic Nail Designs

Dressing up your nails makes us feel pretty powerful, right? And if you want to zhush up your nails for the trendiest makeover yet, then time to add a metallic touch to them. And if sources are to be believed, it might be one of the big trends of 2021!

PS: Everything just looks better when it's metallic!

We Be🍃 That This Nail Art Is Gonna Be Everywhere

Credits: Instagram

Thinking of painting your nails with gold metallic nail polish? Woh toh sab karte hai yaar!

Time to think outside the box. Give your nails an #InstaWorthy makeover using a gold leaf paper. Simply take the gold leaf paper, cut in into tiny bits and place it over your nails. Press it so that they 'stick' on the nails and then cut the excess sheet using a filer.

You'll won't believe how easy it is to use god leaf paper to create amazing nail designs. Just don't forget to seal your artwork using the MyGlamm Seal The Deal topcoat. 

Metallic Tips For The Win

Credits: Instagram

Still sporting the classic French tips? Umm, that's so 2020!

Time to undo the boring, and rock metallic tips instead.

- Apply base on your nails and let them dry.

- Next, use the stick-on nail tips to carefully place them just beneath your 'natural' nail tips.

- Apply your fave metallic nail polish on the tips and let it dry for a few seconds and then go for a second coat.

- Once your nail tips are dry, peel of the tape, apply topcoat and your metallic nails are ready to be shown to your Insta fam.

Rings For The Nails? You Bet Your Ass Yes!

Credits: Instagram

Yup, a ring for them nails! Nails rings became pretty popular around the time when everyone was obsessed with mid-rings. Yup, I know you were one of them too.

As the name suggests, they are 'rings' that you put over your finger and it looks as if you have some fancy-ass nails. It is the fastest way you can give your nails a metallic makeover. Just wear it over the nails you want to look extra AF and that's it.

A Touch Of Metallic

Another amazing way to add the magic of metal to your nails without going overboard is via giving your nails the *gold dripping* effect. Instead of working on your bare nails, give your current mani a makeover.

- Pour some nail polish in a bowl (disposable bowl is the best option here!).

- Using a fine brush, start drawing random lines on your nail design (freestyle).

- Let your nails dry and then seal the deal.

If you do not have a fine tip brush, you can always use a toothbrush to create the 'splash' effect. Just dip your toothbrush into the nail polish and press it (going upwards to downwards) to create a splatter. Make sure you wear gloves on the hand you're using to touch the nail polish.

The Classic Metallic Mani

Credits: Instagram

Nothing can beat the classics!

No matter what kind of metallic nails you sport, ultimately a proper metallic manicure is what takes the crown. Just paint your nails with the metallic nail colour of your choice and you're done.

Ready to give your nails a metallic makeover?

Featured Image: Instagram