New Year, New Me: How To Detoxify Your Skin After Over-Indulging During Holiday Season


As we've stepped into 2021, we're making a pledge to surround ourselves with an aura of positivity. We're letting go of toxic habits, toxic people and are focusing our energies on really creating a happier and calmer environment for everyone. While we are taking on this mammoth task of detoxifying our lives, why not extend the same courtesy to our skin? 

We know the last ten days of the year are always full of parties, alcohol, and fried food and there's no reason to feel guilty for having fun. But if you feel like you've been breaking out more than usual or have been sleeping with makeup on, then a detoxification routine for your skin is just what you need. This will help with getting rid of toxins, pollutants, and impurities and make your skin look radiant.


Here Is How You Can Detoxify Your Skin From Inside And Outside

An At-Home Facial Works Wonders

Even though you follow a daily CTM routine, sometimes giving yourself an at-home facial can really help. This cleanses out your pores from deep within and helps you nourish your skin. You can use ingredients from the kitchen or even buy products with ingredients like benotine clay, charcoal, and mud in them. These help in drawing out impurities and leaving you with squeaky clean skin.

Steam Your Face

Steaming your face after cleansing helps in allowing the ingredients to penetrate the pores and extract as much grime as possible. Because of the weather, a steam shower works really well but if you aren't into those then get a bowl of boiling water and hover your face over it. Drape a towel over your head to concentrate the steam onto your facial pores for about ten minutes. 


Mud Masks To The Rescue

As we mentioned earlier, clay and mud both draw out impurities in the skin's top layer. After your cleansing ritual, use a mud mask with warm water and leave it on until it's soft and not totally dried. This is because when it does dry up completely, it strips the skin of essential oils that keep it hydrated and nourished. You can apply the mask every alternate day during the time of detox.


Hydrate Your Skin Really Well

Using serums twice a day is important for not only hydrating your skin but also in helping your skin in absorbing the products you put over them. During the day you can follow it up by applying moisturiser and sunscreen and at night with a night cream and facial oil. This will really help with dull and tired skin, trust us.

Hydrate Your Body Too

Drinking water is essential for bodily functioning as well as making your skin look youthful and fresh. Health experts recommend drinking eight-ounce glasses a day which is about two liters. Stay away from dehydrating liquids like coffee, sugary juices, and alcohol during the detox period, and opt for things like green tea. 

Revamp Your Diet

You are what you eat--this saying surely holds true here. We're not saying don't indulge when you feel like it but when detoxifying your skin, eating right is crucial. Consume alkaline-rich fruits and veggies like pears, broccoli, watermelon, and kale, and stay away from fast food, fried food and sugar-packed foods. Even foods with healthy fats like avocados and walnuts work really well for the skin.

Happy detoxing! Your skin will love you for this.

Featured Image: Pexels