Want Kareena Wale Cheekbones? Then You Need To Try Facial Cupping, STAT!


We bet you must have seen those hideous red bumps on the back somewhere, courtesy of cupping therapy, at least once. It is a popular treatment in which special cups are put on your back to create suction that increases blood flow, helps with pain and also relaxes the muscles. It's also a type of deep tissue massage that is pretty popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

But did you know that you can do cupping therapy on your face too? Yes, it is a great way to detoxify the skin, reduce the signs of ageing, stimulate cell regeneration and even to reduce panda eyes.

But how to do it? And what products do you need for it? We're answering it all.

Everything You Need To Know About Face Cupping

Facial cupping is cupping therapy, but for our face. It increases blood flow and also stimulates cells that are responsible for collagen production. It also helps minimises the appearance of scars, depuff the face, naturally contour it and structure your jawline.

How Does Facial Cupping Work?

The first and foremost step is to clean your face properly. Next, layer your skin with a few skincare products. Make sure you use products that are wet and oily in nature so that the products can slide easily onto the skin.

Using facial oils is highly recommended when doing facial cupping but never use essential oils directly on your face. Instead, mix a few drops of it with carrier oils as it'll make the process a whole lot smoother.

The third step is to determine the size of the cup. If you're a beginner, use a smaller cup and take a break after doing the treatment for five minutes to see if your skin is reacting or if you can do it properly or not. We'd suggest you use only one cup all over your face and only for a few minutes. And once you've determined everything, just 'stick' the cup on your face, wait for a few seconds for it to start sucking and off you go.


Within a few minutes, you'll feel your skin tighter and your jawline looking much defined. If you have breakouts, then we'd suggest you avoid this process completely as you may end up irritating them even more.

How's It Different From Regular Cupping Therapy?

The facial cups are not static. Hence, their movement creates stimulation and moves blood around the face that makes your face all glowy and pink. It also helps drain out toxins through the lymph system.

During body cupping, multiple cups are placed on our back that also creates multiple bruises. But in facial cupping, no bruising happens and in fact, there's only one cup that's moved around so no bruising and only positive results.

How To Take Care Of Face After The Procedure?

- Drinks loads of water to drain out the toxins from the body and avoid caffeine, salty food and alcohol for about 24 hours.

- And for your skin, avoid using any kind of skincare products that can cause even the slightest bit of reaction such as peels, acids or even a strong facial serum. A face or a sheet mask works just fine.

- Do not use any kind of facial tools like a massager or a gua sha for the next 24 hours. If you feel that your skin is getting irritated, you can use an ice roller.


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