#XOXO2O20: The Top 20 Beauty Trends That We All Couldn't Get Enough Of!


Let's take a shot because 2020 has been a lot!

From March onwards when we had the first lockdown aka the era when everyone on this planet was whipping dalgona coffee and cutting their own bangs (read: spoiling their own lives) to now, this year has been wild, to say the least.

Surprisingly in the beauty world, things were anything but mundane. Yes, sporting a full face of glamm did take a backseat, and yet, there were numerous trends that took the beauty world by storm. And you know us, we love writing about all of them.

For today's xoxo2020 list, we've got the best beauty trends that made this year a little more fun and.

20 POPxo Beauty Stories That You Need To Read To Stay Updated About Every Beauty Trend

From neon lids to floating eyeliner- if you think that 2020 was the year only for eye makeup, then you're wrong. Keep on reading to know the best beauty and skincare trends of this year that we wouldn't mind taking with us into 2021!

When This Eyeliner Trend Was *Floating* Around The Internet

Doing just a basic winged eyeliner is so last year! Since the eyes were the main focus this year, we saw a lot of eye makeup trends in 2020 and this one's no different. If you really want your eye makeup to stand out from the crowd, then you have to try the floating eyeliner trend today. Click here to know everything about it.

'Coz Everyone Loves A Touch Of Vintage Glamm

90s babies, check! These vintage makeup trends were all the rage this year. Big hair, frosted lips, tonnes of blush- which one of these beauty trends are you glad is back again? Want to read the full story? Then click here.

When We Told You About The Hottest Skincare Trends

The skincare business boomed massively this year cause we had so much time on our hands. 2020 really was when we all looked after our skin and hair and did things that we had been putting off for the longest time.

Talking specifically about skincare, we think these two skincare trends are going to dominate 20201. Read here to know everything.

When This Avant-Garde Eyeliner Trend Changed Everytihng

Cannot match your wings? Well, how about matching the shapes, particularly a square? If you are bored with your winged eyeliner, perhaps a square eyeliner is what you need.

Wait, what? We're telling you everything you need to know.

'Coz Who Doesn't Want Velvet Nails

Your life may be a mess but our nails don't have to be! Velvet nails are everywhere on Instagram currently and needless to say, you're obsessed, we're obsessed, everyone's obsessed with them. Wondering how to hop on the trend, then read this.

When Coloured Hair Were In Incognito Mode

Want to try rainbow hair but worried about log kya kahenge? First of all, F them. Secondly, we've found the perfect way you can *hide* them. How? Read now to know more.

When Purple Lids Were All The Rage On Instagram

As mentioned before, eye makeup was the most popular makeup this year. And out of the many trends this year, this one's perfect for the winter season because purple looks so bomb with those faux leather jackets. Want to hop onto this trend train? Then read more.

This Skincare Trend Took The World By Storm

If you're all about that glow, then you must know about the dolphin skin. As the name suggests, it's all about acing that lit-from-within look using a few glow-enhancing products so that your skin shines and looks like a dolphin's skin when the light hits it. And if you're not big on makeup but are all about flaunting your radiance, then you will love reading more about it.

When There Was A New Animal Print Trend In Town

Animal prints are eternal. Pick any fashion catalog or magazine for the 90s and you'll see animal prints for every season. A few decades later, this trend is still very popular and honestly, we thought there cannot be a new animal print until this happened. Cow prints are everywhere- from clothes to bags and of course, our nails. And did we mention that you can easily DIY them? Read more to know how.

Time To Put Your Artistic Skills To A Great Use

Do you remember those glorious school days when we had an art class once a week and we played with watercolours? And if you wish to add those skills to your makeup, then this watercolour eye makeup trend is calling out your name. Read more to know how to ace it.

We *Kinda* Predicted The Next Big Things In The World Of Korean Beauty

One of the many things that make the Korean skincare industry stand out are the ingredients they use. Bamboo water, cica or even mugwort- no one they look ageless. And if you wish to know what Korean skincare trends and ingredients are going to be big in 2021 too, then this one's for you. Read now.

Neon Blushes For The Win

Missing summers? Then this one's for you! Out of all the neon trends we've seen so far, this one is not that intimidating. Using a tonne of blush was a big trend in the 90s and early 20s. Look like it's back with a *neon* twist and here's how you can give it a try too.

When This Genius Korean Beauty Trend Shook The Beauty World

Everyone, let's talking about slugging. This K-Beauty trend is so easy that'll it blow your mind with its results. And the best part? You only need one ingredient, petroleum jelly, to nail it! How? Know more.

This Trend's For Everyone Who cannot Make A Decision

Why do only one kind of nail design on your nails when you can do ten (one on each finger)? Yup, we're talking about the mismatched nail trend that is pretty genius, TBH. And it's really easy to pull off too. Read this to nail this #InstaWorthy trend.

Are You RE(a)D(y) To Nail This Trend?

Don't you just love the colour red? Especially how it looks on us brown girls? And if you nodded in favour, then read now to know how you can incorporate this feisty colour in your makeup routine and not just to enhance that pout.

When Everyone Was Feeling Foxy

Another day, another eyeliner trend? But this one's a game-changer! No, seriously-- just a few simple tricks and you'll have fox-like eyes, just like Bella Hadid. Ready get foxy today? We know, you are.

When Desi Girls Took Over TikTok

What a year this has been for TikTok. It finally became huge in India, only for it to be banned. Thankfully, it did introduce us to multiple makeup trends and challenges but the #DesiGirlschallenge has to be our fave. Don't remember what it was? Allow us to refresh your memory.

When Glass Trend Was What Everyone Was Talking About

Want your hair to rise and shine? Then perhaps this hair trend is just for you. Read here to know what is glass hair and why everyone's so obsessed with this Korean hair trend.

When Everyone Wanted To Drape It Like It's Hot

There's no surprise that using a blush heavily on our faces is back! And if applying blush is your fave part of doing makeup, then you must give draping a try. Want to ace this #RihannaApprobed makeup trend today? Then read about it now.

When Everyone Was Fluttering Their Colourful Lashes

Why flaunt your boring black lashes when you can add a lot of colour to them. Yes, we're talking about colourful falsies that surprisingly look so good. Want to know how you can try this trend for yourself? Then read now.

Which one of these makeup and skincare trends did you try?

Featured Image: Pexels.com