#XOXO2021: Top 10 Beauty Articles That You Bookmarked While Sheet Masking This Year


2020 may have been a challenging year for most businesses, but the beauty industry luckily managed to stay afloat. While makeup products and trends did take a backseat this year, skincare, home remedies, and in-house beauty treatments boomed and how! Even though some parts of the world are still in quarantine, there is a consistent demand for sheet masks, ice rollers, Gua Shas, chemical peels, Ayurvedic hair packs, and oils. Consumers are slowly moving towards self-care and are consciously spending their money on feel-good beauty products.

Instead of applying concealer on the zit, they're learning how to treat it with home remedies. It's incredible how most consumers today are accepting their skin for what it looks like rather than aspiring for poreless, airbrushed, and filtered skin. Rolling a chilled rose quartz face roller over a sheet mask on your face has become a meditative routine for many. And it's not just saying it, you guys chose it. Need proof? Here are our top 10 beauty articles of 2020 that prove looking after your skin and relaxing was the most important to y'all this year. 

Beauty Edition: Top 10 POPxo Articles Of 2020

These are the ones you so fondly bookmarked and read again and again while sheet maskin'. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? 

Even Bollywood Has Its Beauty Faux Pas Moments

Bollywood makeup mistakes

Credits: POPxo

As flawless as they look on the big screen, Bollywood celebrities are human too, and they make mistakes like us as well. Whether it's wearing the wrong shade of foundation or incorrectly grooming those brows, we've all been down that road before. The next time you think that your makeup skills aren't up to mark, this article will make you realise that everyone starts from somewhere.

The Stars Will Guide You To Your Lipstick Soulmate

Lipstick shade for your zodiac

Credits: POPxo

Finding the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone and personality can feel a little overwhelming, right? No need to ask for help from your bestie, your Zodiac sign will help you find your lipstick soulmate. To find out yours, head here!

These Homegrown Beauties Are A Treat For Your Skin!

Indian skincare and wellness brands

Credits: POPxo

Why ask your cousin from the States to get you beauty products when you can find even better ones right here? Whether you're into luxe skincare products or drugstore ones, we bet you'll find something from here which your skin will love. 

Didn't We Tell You That In-House Beauty Treatments Were A Thing?

Hair Straightening Creams In India

Credits: POPxo

During the time when we were under a strict lockdown, all beauty salons were temporarily closed. That's when most of us began to do our own beauty services at home. From manicures to waxing to even, hair straightening, we've now become pros at it!

When In Doubt, Let Your Stars Take A Call!

best beauty product according to your zodiac sign

Credits: POPxo

Your Zodiac sign not only helps you learn more about yourself but also about your preferences in beauty products as well. Whether you've always wondered if your makeup or skincare person, let your Zodiac sign decide that for you!

These Tried & Tested Beauty Hacks For The Sleep-Deprived Are Gold!

Beauty Hacks For The Sleep-Deprived

Credits: POPxo

This pandemic has successfully done two things to us--work longer and sleep lesser. With the constant work pressure and our routines gone for a toss (thanks to WFH), many of us are sacrificing our beauty sleep to make ends meet. If you feel us, you will totally find this article helpful. 

Go Corona Go, Go Corona Go!

Simple Beauty Tips To Keep You Safe From Coronavirus

Credits: POPxo

While some of you are already putting these beauty tips into practice, for the ones who haven't started yet, it's never too late. These beauty tips should not only be followed during the pandemic but also when things settle down. 

What Is Vaginal Acne & Should You Care?

how to treat vaginal acne

Credits: POPxo

Everyone knows what vaginal acne is but very few talk about it. With self-care being the theme of 2020, it's important to understand our bodies and learn how to look after them (even if it includes painful acne on your vajayjay).

Yoga Is Good For Not Only Your Mind, But Skin Too!

yoga poses for glowing skin

Credits: POPxo

Once yoga becomes a part of your lifestyle, its positive effects eventually start to show on your hair, body, energy, and skin. While there are a variety of Yoga poses out there, only a few of them will benefit your skin. Read on to find out what they are.

More DIY Beauty Recipes Coming Your Way!

how to make onion oil

Credits: POPxo

Love DIYs? If so, you will also love this onion oil recipe for damaged hair. Why will it work? It helps with hair growth, prevents premature greying and nourishes the hair from root to tip. Since onions are rich in sulphur, they prevent hair from drying out and falling. 

This year, haircare and skincare had their moment of fame. In 2021, do you think that makeup will make a powerful comeback? We guess we'll let the stars decide that one for us too. *wink*

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