Thank You, Next! 5 Bizarre Beauty Trends We're Hoping To Leave Behind In 2020


Every year we get a whole new list of beauty trends, some that are hella-good and others that just leave us confused and this dreaded year was no different. Even though 2020 has been bizarre by itself with the whole pandemic forcing us to hit pause on our daily routines, there were a few beauty trends that made us go WTF even while quarantined at home.

From flower vase hairdos to recreating the barbie look to double eyeshadow and a few more, needless-to-say, just like we’re glad to be done with this year, we’re happy to say Thank you, N1ext to these beauty trends as well. Keep on reading to find out which beauty trend made our list when it comes to the weirdest and most bizarre trends of 2020.

Covid Nail Art

We’re going to get right to it and start with the craziest and wackiest trend of them all --- Covid Nails. Yes, you read that right! Somehow people thought this would be a good idea when it comes to nail art. While everyone had their own versions of it, the craziest has to be the manicure with big giant green virus balls on one hand and faces with masks drawn, on the nails of the other hand.

Two Eyeshadow Shades

No, we aren’t talking about blending in two colours on one eye --- there’s nothing weird about doing this. What we’re referring to is using a different hue on each eye. Many bloggers opted to put one shade on one eye and another on the other, rather than taking the effort of blending in two shades on one eye.

Fur Lips

This one sits on the top shelf of the crazy list. While fur lips have been around for a while, this year many tried to master the art of furry lips due to which Instagram was flooded with images of people showing off their masterpiece. It’s safe to say that this is one bizarre lipstick trend and we’re glad to leave it in 2020.

Barbie Makeup

Not all trends that make a comeback are good, just take a look at the Barbie makeup trend. While it didn’t gain as much popularity as the fur lips trend, the shimmery pink eyelids and shimmery lipstick were enough to make us add it to the Nope pile.

Flower Vase Hair

Seems like quarantine left everyone bored enough to come up with the wackiest beauty trends. A particular fashionista took hairstyles to a whole new level when she created a flower vase, using only her hair. And yes, she did complete the look by adding flowers at the very top as the finishing touch.

It’s safe to say that this year, everyone opted to embrace their weird side.

Featured Image: Instagram