Here's A Complete Guide To Getting Rid Of Butt Acne, You Can Thank Us Later!


Butt acne is a real thing and it's completely okay. It's your skin, so, blemishes, marks, pimples, and acne are bound to happen. Butt acne basically looks like tiny red bumps and is caused due to inflammation of the hair follicles. Usually, the main causes are fungus, yeast, bacteria, and itchiness. Dryness can be a huge factor when we're talking about butt acne because it leads to flaky skin which in turn causes itchiness. Hence, moisturising your bum is super important. 

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Here's How You Can Get Rid Of Butt Acne

We could all do with some tips on how to combat butt acne so scroll down to find out more.

Do Not Pop Or Pick The Acne

We've been saying this about your facial acne and now we're going to say it about your butt acne- do not pick it. Not that you can reach them easily but still, if you are looking at your backside in the mirror and have an urge- control yourself cause it will make the situation a lot worse. It can lead to more infections and scarring.

Give Your Tight Clothes A Rest

Sweatpants are the freaking best and this is just another reason to embrace them wholeheartedly. Loose pants help in avoiding breakouts because too much friction caused by clothes can result in acne. Change straight after workouts and dump those sweaty clothes for a wash. You should also opt for cotton underwear over materials like nylon so that your skin can breathe.

Shower Straight After A Workout

Yes, you may get really lazy but washing up after a workout is super important for hygiene purposes. If you are suffering from butt acne, switch out your basic body wash and use an antibacterial soap instead or a benzoyl peroxide wash. After you shower, stay away from heavy lotions that may cause more harm than good, and pick a light moisturiser specially designed for sensitive skin. When your skin is clear, exfoliate so that you remove all the bacteria and dirt just like you would for your face. You can even use a glycolic acid that will help you exfoliate more gently.


Chemical Peels Help

Another way to treat your butt acne is to get a chemical peel. Your dermatologist's office will have this for you and it gives really fast results. For a less intense treatment, you can also try an at-home face peel which basically uses the chemical exfoliants too. 


Salicylic Acid Works Wonders

Yes, salicylic acid works for smoothing out the bumps that your acne has left on the butt. It also helps in reducing the dark spots and acne scars left behind by the blemishes. Use a salicylic face wash because it will help lighten scarring as well as prevent new acne from sprouting up.


Go See A Dermatologist

It's perfectly normal to see a doctor for butt acne cause they're there to help. If you feel like it isn't improving even though you're trying just about everything. They will be able to understand the problem in detail and give you a custom plan that works best for you.


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