5 Skincare Lessons We Learnt In 2020 & Are Taking With Us Into The New Year


If you think about it, 2020 has really wrecked chaos on our skin. From wearing a mask (hello, mask-induced acne) to DIY skincare gone wrong, we’ve all experienced a fair share of woes this year. Luckily, we also came across a few dermatologists and beauty gurus on social media who didn’t think twice before helping out their Instagram family by sharing some seriously useful advice.

To check out the 5 skincare lessons we’ll be following for life, keep scrolling…

Wherever you are, never skip sunscreen

Dr Ryan’s skincare advice is simple: even if you’re using just one skincare product in the day, let it be sunscreen. One of the most common myths about SPF is that if you’re indoors, you’re safe. This is false because windows and glass just block out UVB (these burn the skin), not UVA rays. These harmful rays penetrate the skin and over time, can accelerate ageing and even cause skin cancer. So, what is the correct amount of sunscreen you should be using? Experts advice using a quarter to half teaspoon on your face and neck.

Make a retinol sandwich

Retinol is one of 2020’s buzziest skincare ingredients and for good reason. It boosts cell turnover, which improves the overall texture and tone of skin and helps in reducing acne. Any dermat and beauty expert worth their hyaluronic acid will tell you to use this powerhouse with caution because it can cause redness, flaking and irritation. If you’re a retinol newbie, try the sandwich method as demonstrated by Dr Tomassian: apply a ceramide-infused moisturiser, let it dry and then use a pea-sized amount of retinol all over your face. Then, layer on more moisturiser. This technique makes sure skin is moisturised and supple and slowly helps it build tolerance for retinol.

Pore strips are a strict no-no

When it comes to getting rid of blackheads, most of us prefer turning to pore strips. They’re easy to use and grossly satisfying but beauty influencer Sarah Palmyra advises against using them. These adhesive strips will not only pull out the gunk from your pores but will also stretch them out, making them appear larger over time. Instead, she suggests reaching for a salicylic acid-laced formula that busts oil from your pores and slowly eliminates them.

Always shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation

At-home hair removal took centre stage during the lockdown and honestly, a lot of people trying to shave their faces. This is mostly recommended for people who are trying to get rid of very fine hair (or peach fuzz) and in some cases, using a razor can cause irritation. So, how to make sure that doesn’t happen? First, make sure you use warm water to dampen your face. Then, use a gentle cleanser and shave in the direction of hair growth. The next day, make sure you apply an exfoliant to prevent ingrowth.

Use just what you need

Vi’s motto: skincare should be practical and preventative. On her Instagram page, she often gives us a peek into her routine, always with the disclaimer that what works for her, may not work for someone else. Everyone’s skin is different, and you should use products that cater to your skin concerns, rather than using what is currently trending. Her raw honesty about products and skincare has made her one of IG’s most fun skincare gurus.

If your skincare routine has been thrown off track this year, we hope these skincare tips help you to get back on the bandwagon. PSA: Remember to give products four to eight weeks to work and don't be disheartened!

Featured image: Pexels