5 Electrifying Eyeliner Tips For The Brightest Peepers In The World!


The classic smokey eye is so passé. For a dull year like 2020, we need to take something bright, something vibrant and something electrifying into the new year - like neon eye makeup. It is so popular that you will find this eye makeup trend all over Instagram and Pinterest. And the best part? The will fetch you compliments without having you try too hard to earn them *Wink*

5 Electrifying Neon Eyeliner Tips To Try For Sexy Eyes

This is one eye makeup trend you should definitely try for the holiday season! 

It's Okay To Break The Rules!

The world is a playground for those who love to experiment with different eyeliner colours, trends and styles. Just how Debasree is winging it, you too can add another bright neon hue to your eyeliner style. You can either colour block the wings or choose two neon shades that complement each other like electric blue and orange or neon yellow with bright violet. 

Eye Primers For The Win!

When your lids are dry and parched, it's going to make your eye makeup look crinkly and creasy. To prevent this from happening, always apply an eye primer first before using any eye makeup product. Unlike a regular primer, eye primers are generally more sticky and thicker in texture. This helps to hold the eye makeup product better. Let's all take a moment to appreciate Shraddha's gorgeous eye makeup look, shall we?

Pair It With Eyeshadow

This yellow neon eye makeup look is a perfect example of teaming eyeshadow with eyeliner. First, you should colour that lids with yellow eyeshadow and then paint your upper lashline with neon yellow eyeliner. Using two similar coloured eye makeup products with different textures is the beauty of this trend. 

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!

Neon eye makeup colours look stunning, but do you know what else does? Shimmer! You don't need to add glitter to the whole lid - just the inner corners will do. Shimmer on the inner corners helps to brighten up the eyes and make them look wide awake. 

The Upside Down

When it comes to eye makeup trends, you don't really have to follow the crowd. You can make your own rules like Aashna Shroff. She has not only painted her upper lash line with eyeliner but the lower lashline one as well. Again, you can colour block here or use the same neon shade on both lashlines. To make your peepers pop, even more, don't forget to thickly coat your lashes with mascara

We hope that we pumped you up enough to give the neon eye makeup trend a go!

Feature Image: Instagram