How To Get Rid Of Prickly Hair Caused By Frequent Shaving


You have done it, I have done it– we all have done a few (beauty related) things this year that we never thought we’d do in a million years. It can be doing your own brows, waxing your upper lip using those ready to use wax strips or even cutting your own bangs (seriously, why were people so enthusiastic about spoiling their own lives?).

And one thing that most of us definitely did in quarantine is shaving our legs and arms. Don’t get me wrong as there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you haven’t done it before, then you might not know that the hair that grows back (and quite quickly so) coarser and harder.

Personally, I’ve never shaved my legs until now. And when I finally went for a waxing session, my parlour wali didi’s “Yeh kya karlia aapne!” reaction was enough to tell the whole world that I F’ed up! But don’t you worry as there are a few ways you can make ’em soft again, a few easy steps at a time.

How To Make Body Hair Feel Soft Again

There are so many ways you can remove body hair- waxing, laser hair removal, using hair removing creams and of course shaving. Shaving is the easier, most convenient way to remove hair in no time. But it also makes the hair hard after some time.

Here’s how you can stop the prickliness and have ‘softer’ body hair, again.

Let Them Grow

When you get waxing done, not all your hair grows back at the same time but when you shave, and that too pricky AF. And if you want your hair to become soft again, wait for it to grow out.

Body Scrubs And Lotions

Using a body scrub. followed by the application of a body lotion will not make your hair soft but will definitely make it feel softer. Especially when your hair is growing back, make sure you scrub the skin good, followed by the application of our fave body lotion.

This trick works really well, especially if you’re wearing your fave pair of shorts and your legs feel like an acupressure rod every time they touch each other.

Get Waxed Multiple Times

It took me a few waxing sessions for my hair to feel soft again. My suggestion is you too, get waxing done twice a month.


And that’s how you can get your body to feel soft and silky again!

Featured Image: Pexels.com