Take Your Makeup Game Up A Notch By Understanding What Suits Your Eye Shape The Most!


Not everyone has the same eye shape so if you’re wondering why your eye makeup doesn’t look the same as your favourite YouTuber even after copying it step by step, chances are your eye shapes are different.

Taking into consideration your eye shape is very important while applying eye makeup as this can make or break your look. Knowing the shape of your eye is as important as figuring out the undertones of your skin. We understand that this might be breaking news for some, so to help you out we’ve noted down the different eye shapes and the perfect basic eye makeup that will go with it.

Different Types Of Eye Shapes

Once you figure out your eye shape, you can ace your eye makeup game in a jiffy. Grab a mirror and keep on reading to find your shape.

Round Eyes

The best way to determine if you have round eyes is to look in the mirror and if you can see the whites of your eyes below the iris, then congratulations, you have round eyes.

Eye makeup to go with it: For round eyes, it’s best to wing your shadow from the outer corners with darker shades to enhance your eyes. While lining the upper lash line, add a soft line on your upper lash line and go bold on the outer corners.

Monolid Eyes

For those with monolids, there is no visible crease below your brow bone, making it look like the eyelid goes up to the brow.

Eye makeup to go with it: Those with monolids can also create smokey eyes as you can use eyeshadow to create your own crease. This can be done by sweeping on a darker eyeshadow shade which can extend up the brow bone. Use darker shades on your lash line and work your way up with more shimmery tone.

Downturned Eyes

If the ends of your eyes or outer corners of the eyes are turned downward, then you have downturned eyes.

Eye makeup to go with it: The idea with this eye shape is to use makeup to give it that lifted illusion. This eye shape is perfect to create a fierce cat eye and you can do this by lining your upper lash line and then creating a line up for the flick.

Upturned Eyes

Just as the name suggests, if the ends of your eyes are turned upwards then you have upturned eyes.

Eye makeup to go with it: Those with upturned eyes are lucky as they have a natural wing so creating cat-eyes is the easiest on this eye shape. To enhance this eye shape, apply a light matte shade on the inner corner and a medium-matte shade on the other half of the eyelid and blend well.

Hooded Eyes

When the brow bone covers most of the crease then it is known as hooded eyes. Since the skin from the brow bone folds down, it is a bit difficult to see the crease. If your liner constantly transfers to your brow bone, then you fall under this category.

Eye makeup to go with it: It’s important to keep your brows well maintained and when it comes to eyeshadows, don’t be afraid to go all the way up to your brow bone.

Almond Eyes

If your irises touch both the top and bottom waterlines and you have minimal white space then you have almond eyes.

Eye makeup to go with it: Make your eyes look larger and brighter by adding a shimmery shade to the centre of your lids and when it comes to the classic cat-eye, don’t be afraid to make a thick flick.


Keep in mind your eye shape the next time you use makeup. 

Featured Image: Instagram