Brows On Fleek: 5 Eyebrow Trends You've Got To Try Before The Year Ends


Trends come and trends go but for the past few years, eyebrows have been taking centre stage in the beautyverse. Well, they do shape your face and have the power to change your entire look. Don't you thank God we've moved on from having thin and non-existent eyebrows finally? Now, of course, fuller and thicker eyebrows are in style with people really going all out with their brow game- garden brows, Chrismas brows, squidgy brows, we've seen 'em all.

Even if bedazzling your brows isn't for you, we've got some trendy eyebrow looks that you can try. We're sure you've seen most of these on Instagram cause they are what all the beauty gurus are doing. 


Eyebrow Trends Every Makeup Lover Needs To Try

Laminated Brows

If you pay close attention to celebrity makeup looks then you've probably seen this being sported on the red carpet many times now. Models and actors alike have taken to these full and almost shiny brows that look as if they are growing upwards. Brow lamination is done by applying a chemical to relax the bend and then the hair is brushed upwards. The eyebrows are stuck with plastic so that they stick in place. This is, of course, a more permanent solution that you'll need professional help with but for a temporary one using a brow gel with a long staying power will give you a similar effect. 


Soap Brows

Although, the soap brows we usually see are brushed up, luscious, and fluffy in appearance. It's actually got little to do with the shape and more to do with the technique used. This has been an MUA secret for many years and now thanks to Insta, has seen a resurgence using soap instead of eyebrow gel to keep the hair in place.


Straight Brows

Straight brows as the name suggest barely have an arch. It's all about lifting the brow's focus almost up and out making the face look a little lifted. If you aren't sure about how to create the shape, use a brow stencil to help you achieve a straighter line.

Dewy Brows

2020 was the year that even dewy brows became a thing. It's basically when the brows don't have a matte finish but are layered with thick wax and layers of brow gel to keep it in place while also making it look radiant. Fill in your brows as you would and then comb upwards with a spoolie dipped in wax and then top it off with clear brow gel.


Au Naturale

Who has been to the salon this year? Well, not me! So rocking your full natural brow hair is the way to go. Keep it natural and fill in the sparse places lightly and you're one step closer to accepting your facial hair as it was intended to be.

Now that you're all caught up, what brow trend are you taking with you to 2021? 

Featured Image: Instagram