Fan Of DIY Egg Hair Masks? They May Not Be As Useful As You Think & Here's Why


When it comes to hair care and using DIY hair recipes, eggs are always there to save the day our hair. Just Google best DIY hair masks and we bet that at least one of the masks will have eggs as a hero ingredient. And why not?! Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins, mainly biotin which is responsible for maintaining keratin's infrastructure, the protein our hair is made of. Egg-jactly why so many people (including me) rely on eggs to stimulate hair growth or undo some kind of hair damage because it all sounds so easy, right?

Turns out, we are wrong, all of us!

Why Eggs Aren't So Great For Your Hair

Eggs have protein in them, true, but (yup, there's always a but) they actually don't help much. The raw proteins in the eggs are not sufficiently broken down to penetrate into the hair follicles. So, while eggs are still relevant when it comes to hair care, it doesn't necessarily mean they're helping cause if they don't penetrate into the hair follicles then what's the point?


But all is not bad news! While eggs may not penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair strands, they do strengthen the hair from the surface. So yes, putting all the time and effort into making and applying an egg mask is not a total loss. 

The easy science behind this is the fact that food proteins are too big to penetrate into our hair. But if the same protein is made in the lab, it's made in such a way that it gives your hair the maximum benefit it needs as the molecules are properly broken down in about 1/84th the size.

So if you do want to enjoy the miraculous benefits of an egg, it's better to use store-bought hair masks than the ones made in your kitchen.

With that being said, here are some egg-infused haircare products your mane needs today.

Egg-Infused Hair Products

Ready to add the goodness of eggs to your hair care regimen? We bet you are!

Onion And Egg Hair Mask, Bombay Shaving Company

If you have damaged or unruly hair that refuses to grow after a certain point, then you need to try this hair mask today.

Chik Hairfall Shampoo

Hairfall, who? If your hair is falling like the leaves of a tree during autumn, then perhaps this shampoo can be their saviour.

Aroma Blush Egg Protein Conditioner

Never underestimate the power of a good hair conditioner. Use this egg-infused one and you'll know what we're raving about.

Yeah, gave you a little shock there, didn't we?

Featured Image: Pexels.com