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The Best Onion Hair Oils To Promote Regrowth & Make Your Strands Stronger


You can always get rid of damaged hair by sporting a shorter hairdo or indulging in regular hair treatments. You can even say goodbye to dandruff with the help of anti-dandruff shampoos. But hair fall, well that's a tough one to tackle. True, you can take supplements or opt for treatments but all of this takes time and you're never quite sure of the results. Another great option to give your hair the nourishment it needs is by regular champi sessions. And if you want your hair to grow and thrive, then you have to try onion oil for hair growth. Because honestly, what’s there to lose. So if you wish to flip your hair back and forth like you’re in a damn commercial, then you have to check out this list of the best onion hair oils in India!

Best Onion Oils For Hair Growth

One of the best ways to make sure that your strands start to grow again is by ensuring that your mane gets the best nutrients and onion oil for hair can do the trick. So without further ado, time to check out these onion oils for hair fall.

The Man Company Onion Hair Oil With 10 Essential Oils For Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

The Man Company Onion Seed Oil is what your hair needs today. It not only makes your hair grow but also aids in fighting dandruff, hair fall and a dry scalp. It’s also enriched with almond oil, jojoba oil sunflower oil, argan oil and olive oil.

This beautiful blend of oils soothes the scalp, combats inflammation and makes your hair grow longer, faster and stronger. And yes, it’s suitable for all hair types. Get your hands on this quick as it is one of the best onion oils for hair growth and other hair woes.

Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Oil

Who doesn’t want luscious, thick hair that they can bounce all day long? If you’re looking for an affordable yet amazing solution for hair fall, then an onion oil is what you need.

Enriched with potent, hair-loving ingredients, Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Oil is one of the best onion oil for hair regrowth. It’ll not only make your hair shine but also make it stronger while boosting hair growth. It’s enriched with the goodness of sulphur which we all know our hair loves.

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Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil

Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil is a premium, carefully crafted hair oil designed to make every day a great hair day. This non-greasy onion oil will reduce hair fall, make your hair grow faster and most importantly, improve your scalp’s health. It also has a beautiful blend of 13 oils which keep your hair from falling and strengthens it from within.

Its hero ingredient, red onion, is a powerful antioxidant that’ll nourish and condition those dry roots. So if you’re looking for an all-rounder onion oil for hair, this is the one! 

Rey Naturals Advanced Bhringraj Onion Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is very important, especially if you have a dry scalp or other hair woes. External factors such as pollution and sunlight can cause hair to become fragile and may hinder its growth. But not anymore!

Rey Naturals Advanced Bhringraj Onion Hair Oil is here to save the day your hair. It’ll not only make your hair stronger from within but will also stop hair fall and promote hair growth. It’ll also deeply nourish the roots, making it a great onion oil for hair growth.

Soulflower Onion Herbal Hair Oil

This onion oil is enriched with natural Keratin Sulfur that works into your root follicles. It also acts as a nourishing agent for dry roots and makes your hair shiny. Its unique blend of 20 oils and the ayurvedic extract is what makes it a great hair oil.

It also stimulates hair growth, makes your hair grow faster and even locks in your hair colour!

Good Vibes Onion Hairfall Control Oil

Good Vibes Onion Hairfall Control Oil offers you everything that you have ever desired for your hair! It restricts & controls hair fall and stimulates the growth of healthy, smooth and shiny hair. 

Bombay Shaving Company Onion and Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil

Bid adieu to hair fall as Bombay Shaving Company Onion and Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil is here to save the day. Enriched with the goodness of onions, this oil will boost hair growth, minimise hair thinning and even help in the regeneration of hair follicles with its high sulphur content. One of the best onion oil in India, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals, which helps hair growth.

It has a blend of other oils such as neem oil, fenugreek il, argan, etc which deeply nourish your scalp and bring shine to lifeless hair. 

Upakarma Ayurveda Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Upakarma Ayurveda's Onion Hair Oil can help revive tired scalp and hair while also reducing hair fall and promoting regrowth. Onion’s rich antibacterial properties help with keeping the scalp healthy and free of infection, promoting hair growth. Upakarma Ayurveda Onion oil is a blend of nourishing oils such as Black Seed oil, Argan oil, Amla oil, and Jojoba oil that makes hair strong and shiny. It helps to repair hair damage caused by heat and chemical treatments and is suitable for all hair types.

Aegte Premium Onion Hair Oil

Aegte Premium Onion Hair Oil is the organic and natural solution to treat hair fall and dull hair. It is made with a combination of precious herbs and red onion juice which helps grow hair and reduces hair fall. 

It’ll also help volumize hair, stimulate hair growth, combat hair fall, and get rid of dandruff. Yup, everything that a hair oil should do!

Himalayan Organics Onion Oil For Hair Regrowth

Himalayan Organic Onion Oil is what you need to add to your hair care routine as it makes your hair grow stronger, longer and healthier. It’s also rich in sulphur which minimizes hair damage.

It’s formulated with 13 essential ingredients that boost hair growth, relieve an itchy scalp and penetrates deeper into the skin so that you can flip your mane back and forth.


We bet you have a lot of questions about onion hair oils and we’re answering all of them!

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