Nail It, Holiday Style: 10 Nail Designs That'll Evoke The Feeling Of Joy In Everyone


'Tis the season to celebrate and rejoice!

There's something about December that evokes the #FestiveSpirits in all of us. Whether it's the fact that the year is ending or that Christmas is around the corner (I call it the *Home Alone* month), December is truly magical. And even in the beauty world, things are truly magical; holiday beauty sets, OTT packaging and fun makeup trends. Ahh, don't you wish you could have Christmassy vibes all year round? Or maybe on the tip of your fingers?

Well, actually you can. We've rounded some amazing #InstaWorthy nail designs that are super extra and will give you festive feels all year long!

Stunning Nail Designs

We know, this year sucked but your nails don't have to! Time to dress up your nails with some fancy, holiday-inpired nail art designs that are so pretty that you'd want to flaunt them all year long.

French But Make it Gold

Credits: Instagram

Give your french mani a *golden* twist. Instead of painting your nail tips with white nail polish, use gold nail polish instead and that's it. Don't forget to seal your artwork with topcoat. This will give your nails *dripping in metal* vibes and honestly, looks so elegant.

Classy Christmas

Credits: Instagram

How stunning is this minimalistic, Christmas inspired nail art? This may look difficult but trust me that they are very easy to recreate.

- Apply a base coat on all your nails and do French tips on 2-3 fingers.

- Next, take snazzy stick-ons and stick them to the remaining nails.

- Make sure you use a top coat so that your nails look salon approved.


Dripping In Gold

Credits: Instagram

I know you want to recreate this stunning design, like RN! Seriously, how cool are these abstract modern nails? And if you wish to do something similar, here's what you gotta do.

- Apply two coats of white nail paint.

- Next, using a gold liquid eyeliner, start drawing art on your nails and that's it!

Admit it, there's no other combo like white and gold!

Stand Out From The Crowd

Credits: Instagram

Is it just me or is everyone painting the ring finger with a different colour nowadays? I mean you have to admit, it definitely looks classy.

Just paint all your nails (except the ring finger, of course) with a plain colour (the darker, the better). Next, apply two coats of glitter polish and your holiday nails are ready!

Bottle Green

Credits: Instagram

If you love keeping your nails short but yet want them to make a statement, then this nail inspo is just for you. After cutting and filing your nails, use glitter or holographic nail polish on all your nails and that's it. Make sure you use an ultra glossy topcoat so that your nails can make a statement.

'Coz I Love Moo

Credits: Instagram

Cow print nails were a big trend this year and it looks like that this trend isn't dying anytime soon.

Just paint your nails white and using a black liquid eyeliner, draw spots on your nails. Let it dry for about 10 minutes and then seal the deal using topcoat!

Bling It On

Credits: Instagram

Why limit your nail art designs to flat stickers when you can totally give them a 3-D effect? Simply paint your nails with the nail paint of your choice (or just using base coat works too) and stick the 3-D sticker on top of your nails. You will not believe how stunning they will look! 

Ombre Magic

Credits: Instagram

'Coz great things come in twos! Apply two shades of nail paints on your nails in such a way that they look like they are marrying into each other! You can also apply two coats of a glitter nail polish for a blingy effect.

A Riot Of Colours

Credits: Instagram

Have a mini Holi party on your nails by giving them the most colourful makeover. Apply a thin scotch tape on the middle of your nails and use different nail polish on either side of your nails. Peels of the tape when the polish dries off!

Starry Nails

Credits: Instagram

Starry night nails, holy night-- how amazing are these starstudded nails? Give your black nails an upgrade by sticking some star-shaped embellishments on top of your nail paint using nail glue.

Ready to nail it?

Featured Image: Instagram